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She Quilts!

Mr. Potato Head was my all-time favorite toy as a child so I couldn't resist creating a series of applique blocks just to celebrate him.

One more border and this top is done :)

All of them together


Block # 4 

Block #13 

Block #10

Block #11

Block #12

Block #14

Block #8

Block # 15

Block  #16, (24" center block pattern).

Block #6

Block #7

Block #3

Block #2

Jelly Roll Strip Starburst Block Swap
Here they are FINALLY.  This is a block swap we are doing on the Mug Rugs and Pot Holders Swaps Oh My group.  We had 9 participants and of course 2 people that joined couldn't follow through (this always happens in block swaps).  So one other participant and myself have to make two more sets of 9 of these guys.  This block is not the easiest and the person who wrote the pattern well lets just say shouldn't be writing patterns.  I had to use a little over 1/8th inch seam allowance to get the finished size correct on these blocks.  I mean seriously.  I've got the second set all cut out and ready to sew together.  That will take about 3 days and since they are due in February I have plenty of time.  Each of us has a different block in this set.  Here are the two I'll get finished soon.  :)

Oh and here is another swap....this one is a mug rug and the swap was called "What's all the Buzz about".  This one was fun to make, not perfect but fun.

This is so exciting and I'm not sure why I waited so long to put the binding on this quilt.  I made this one for us, yes for us and it's an extra large king so that it would hang over our bed sides and be super cozy.  No fighting over the blankets with this massive quilt!  This is the first quilt I've ever made to actually use.  :)  I think I'll do more just for us, I mean really what have I been quilting for if not to enjoy these beautiful creations?????

This is a pattern on Craftsy called Spoolie Birds.  I didn't follow the instructions completely mostly because I did not want to do the scrappy sashing but I do like the way it turned out.  The sashing fabric it the cutest fabric EVER :)  it has the word meow all over it and I added a kitten to the bottom to make it playful.  I think I'll change the kitten embroidered face a bit because I think I have his whiskers to far from his little nose. :)  I'll show you this one again when I have it quilted.
I decided to practice my free motion quilting on my Betsy's Closet quilt so I used a Dritz blue chalk marker to mark my line....  didn't realize that the blue marks would not come out of the quilt easily.  I washed it 3 time and it's still there.  Very disappointed in a chalk marker that is marketed for quilters. Seems like they would test their product so that we wouldn't ruin our quilts we worked so hard on.  Oh well, here it is after three washing's :(

I was included in a secret Facebook group for swapping blocks.  Here are what we've done so far.  These are the winder and fall block swaps.  I'm hoping for a red block swap next time :) .

My blocks for the fall block swap.

My blocks for the winter block swap

Here is everyone's entries.  Can't wait to finish this one.  :)

So here are my latest quilts.  I've had to order more fabric for both of these for backing and I also needed more of the teal for the Spooly birds to border the quilt and make a backing.  I will have this fabric soon.  I think I will FMQ these myself....
Any suggestions on how to quilt these?  I'd love to hear what you think.

This one is called Spooly Birds and it can be found on Craftsy.

And my favorite!

Here is my entry to the Mug Rugs and Pot Holders Oh My Facebook swap group.  We are doing a table topper swap event.  I enjoyed this so much I created a tutorial on how to add the edging.  You can get it HERE on Craftsy for free.
Here is the finish project.  The flowers are colored using crayola crayons....amazingly easy and so much fun!

Another Mug rug swap, you can join in on the swaps here!


Quilt set made for my Nephew

My Hole in Won quilt

The inspiration and most of the pattern for this came from a pattern called Beyond Horizon's by RaNae Merrill. I just changed it up some and have called it "Hole in Won" :).

I'm making this to put in the Tri County 2016 Quilt Show. I think it will go to the modern category. My son gets it after the show. He said he loved it so really that is all that matters to me.

So here is my progress. I've basted it and am now quilting it. I did half the quilting today and will finish the quilting tomorrow and maybe put the binding on tomorrow evening while I'm watching the tube.

Monday, May 11, 2015

More mug rug madness :)

You know I told you about my Facebook group...Mug rugs and Potholders swaps Oh My....
Well I've been busy again creating new events. Here are some of the newest mug rugs I've made for some new events for the group and for an individual trade.

This one is for Deborah OKeefe, I hope she loves it.

This one is Grandma's Garden.

This one is High Fashion

and this one is Sewing Notions

Dresden Plate swap

Wish upon a star

Summer time camping fun

It's a hoot

and here is some other stuff I'm working on. :) This one is a swap by another member

called Grand Ole Flag. I decided to do my husbands country flag. )

And the spooly birds is for me. Will soon be a quilt, only 4 more appliques to complete and a little more embroidery. Also there is another camper there for an individual swap. so much fun!

Some resent paintings and quilting projects. :)
I made this from a painting from a friend KD Hardwood Sam's made the painting.

This another piece I made using a painting from a friend. Michael Kanelos


The Fox Tangle

I want to design a block of the month quilt. This is my center block and I have started the design for 3 more (much easier) blocks. This one I rushed a bit so I don't have the tangle part as perfect as it should be but I love it anyway. Today I got it all hand appliqued into place on the back ground. Tomorrow I will audition centers for the Dresden plate. I'm thinking either gold/yellow or pink/purple or green. I will decide this tomorrow and get it sewn into place. I think I will make this one into a wall hanging so that it can also be a stand alone design or can be block one of 12 blocks.

I am happy with this design, I have always been fond of Celtic designs.

You really have to pin and glue the Celtic design into place before you begin hand sewing because the bias tape goes over and under itself in several locations which is what makes the design appealing to me. Someone suggested I call this block the Fox Tangle or Fox Tango which I think is so cute. I might just consider the Fox Tangle... :)

Here is some of my process on this block so far.


The sweetest little sewing caddy

Here is my newest project. This one took me most of the day to get the shape right. It's is now the perfect size. One side I can put my latest work in progress in and the other I can put all my sewing tools in and of course there is a pin cushion on top (this is going to save the arm of my chair were there is probably 20 needles lost inside of). I'm pleased with my color choice for this one. I used lace down the middle and tea stained it to look old. I did a search for J&P Coat advertising and found the perfect one for the pin cushion. This one I'm going to sell so now I'm off to make myself one. I think I'll make mine in some sweet teal fabric. (I love that color).

You can find this one HERE


Chiwawa Pot Holder

My newest pot holder creation. This little guy was so much fun to make. Isn't she the cutest little fellow you've ever seen. I fashion her after our little Penelope "Penny" for short. We love our dogs so of course we love doggy pot holders too!

Here she is, she's made from some old denim jeans I had lying around the house so this cutie didn't cost hardly a thing to make. You can get this pattern HERE

Kitty at play mug rug

Yes, you can tell I've been on a mug rug kick lately. With Christmas coming I'm wanting to make little gifts for my friends that will not break the bank but will make them smile with joy. I love this one.... of course I'm a kitty lover so how could I not love this little kitty sitting down with me while I munch on some cookies!

Your can get the pattern HERE.

This little piggy mug rug

Yes, I did, I just had to create this cute little mug rug. I love mug rugs and thought this pattern would fit the bill for my snacking needs.Time to sit down with a cup of coffee and some tasty snacks while I read my new book. Won't you join me?

You can find this pattern in my Craftsy store Here.


Cow Potholder

My new pot holder pattern. It's a cute little cow, how fun is that! If you liked the pig pot holder then you are sure to love this whimsical little cow. Perfect to make as gifts for your quilting friends or of course for yourself!

You can find the pattern on Craftsy Here .


Sewing Etui

I've always wanted a little sewing box, a Antique French Etui with little antique sewing implements would be just the best thing ever to have. Well, if you have ever looked for one you, like me have found that you need to have lots of dollars to get one. Sad but true, and there is probably one in someone's attic sitting there getting all dusty waiting for someone like me. One day, maybe just one day I will come across one I can afford.
In the mean time I got a bee in my bonnet again and this desire was on my mind. I was looking online to see if I could find one I could afford and of course I couldn't so I rushed upstairs to make myself my very own little sewing box. This is my first one, so of course after I made it I thought of many enhancements to this design. I will be making more just so I get it perfectly the way I want.

But in the meantime here is my little sewing box. I wish I had some really old things to put in it for my picture. I found a few things around the house, so now I'm on a search of old sewing tools for my little box!

Review of the Chevron Quilt pattern from Missouri Star Quilting Company
This is a Missouri Star pattern you can find them on YouTube here.
This is a super easy quilt to make, a seasoned quilter can make this one in a day and a new quilter could probably make it in a week or less.
This pattern is the perfect for the new quilter learning to make their first quilt.
By making this quilt you will learn how to cut fabric, how to piece a block and a quilt,and how to match seams. There are not too many seams in this one so it's a great starter quilt. This is also a great quilt to learn how to do basic line quilting on a standard sewing machine. I give this quilt an A+ for anyone wanting to learn to quilt.
I made this quilt using a bunch of left over layer cake strays so it's not the prettiest to look at but I wanted to test this one out to see if my niece could make it for her first large project and feel successful. I think it fits the bill. :)

Then I made this one using left over charms from charm packs that I robbed when I was doing the boutique. I used all the charms that I didn't like the fabric for this one. I was surprised to find I liked the finished quilt. Sometimes it's amazing how fabric no mater how ugly will go together and become beautiful. :) or at least I think it turned out beautiful.

Then this is the last one I made. It is the disappearing hour glass by Missouri Star Quilt Company. There is a YouTube video on this one. I found it fairly easy to do and it was a very fast quilt to make. I love this one. :)

So tell me what you've done this week... I'd love to hear about it if you want to post a link!
One more UFO top complete.

My new years resolution is to finish as many UFO's as I possibly can before the end of the year. Also to use up the fabric and supplies I have and not purchase any more fabric till next year.

I will mostly just be completing tops and maybe next year my resolution will be to get them all quilted or quilt them myself. We'll see about that :)

Here is the first one completed of the year.

I did this yesterday....

Then I decided it needed borders so I did this today along with completing one row of another one I'm working on.

Lesson Learned....

I was beginning to think that my machine just did not want to make this quilt.

I sit down everyday and do some part of this quilt (for the life of me I can't remember why I just had to make this difficult quilt) and everyday my machine just doesn't want to sew over more than two pieces of fabric. So everyday I've been cleaning it, dusting it, and yes even polishing it... all the maintenance that hence far I've neglected to do for this machine and it had never complained before. Then I continue to sew and find to no avail that it's still not liking thick seams. I get the manual out, I make a few adjustments etc... nothing seemed to work but I'd plug along taking it slow each day and getting through what it was I wanted to accomplish on this quilt (that I know hate).

Today after following the same ritual I've been following...cleaning, adjusting etc. I decide it's time to just take it in for repair and use of of my many other machines (not sure why it took me so long to make this decision but it did). So I'm taking the table off and dusting the machine and then I see it.... yes right there all the time. A clutter of thread spools that I've used for some other project sitting right next to my machine because I'm too lazy to put them in their place. So I begin picking up the spools of thread and actually putting them away when I get to the last spool of thread and notice it's lodged up against the feed dog button....yep that was the cause of my endless days of hating this quilt. My feed dogs were half up and half down all because I'm too lazy to put thing where they belong.

Lesson learned...clean up after each project and don't let all the bits and pieces collect around your machine!

We Bee Quilters House Block Swap

If you have not joined your local guild yet you should. It is a great way to have fun and fellowship with like minded people. And of course you make lots of friends. Guilds have little groups called Bee's. I'm in the "We Bee Quilters" bee and we have done a block swap for the last two years. I didn't have time to do it last year cause I was doing the quilt show boutique and of course that took up lots of my time.

Anyway, our block swap theme this year is house blocks. Now mind you my block is a school house and at first the blocks were suppose to be all houses. Then people started asking questions about doing barns, churches and shops. Well I decided a neighborhood needs a school so that is why I choose a school house. Mind you we need more houses than businesses so most of the swapper's will be making houses. I have ordered my backing fabric already and am excited to get all the blocks this coming Wednesday! I have a picture in my mind of what my quilt is going to look like. I am so excited about being able to join in.

So here are my 21 blocks all finished. Of course I left this till the last possible moment and wanted to had lots of details such as the hand applique flag, the school name, the bell and smoke coming out of the chimney. But I got it done and that is all that matters right!

Here are all the swapped blocks I received this past Wednesday. I am so happy with them. There is only one that is not the correct size so either I will not use it or I'll try and make it bigger and make three more blocks to complete my house quilt.

and my backing fabric arrived! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Two UFO's Quilted and binding on....

I've been working on these for some time, maybe two years. The first quilt is a pattern kit I purchased on Connecting Threads website and the pattern is called Chubby Chicks. This one I had to do the satin stitch on my sewing machine. I'm am not the best at the satin stitch! The second quilt is one I designed after I purchased and embroidery file from BunnyCup Embroidery site called Here Birdy (Still available on their site). So I named this one Here Birdy Birdy after the design. The fabric is a Moda line that is a mock homespun. I had purchased a huge charm pack (100 charms) oh between 10 and 15 years ago. Then about two years ago decided to finally use it on this quilt. Of course this fabric is no longer carried and I needed a backing fabric. Well to my surprise the quilt shop in Spring that carries all Moda fabric (some are very old lines of fabric) had two of the fabrics from this line on the bolt. Yaaaaaaaaaa for me. I purchased enough of one for the backing and another yard of the other for the binding. I just lucked out with this and trust me I looked and looked for fabrics that I thought would go well with this line and couldn't find anything I liked. So checking out your local quilt shops can bring surprises!

I did the FMQ on both of these and while they are not professional looking they are done! Now if I ever get those grandchildren I've been hoping for all will be grand in my little world.

Chubby Chicks

Here Birdy Birdy

Little Lamb Quilt Block

Here is my newest creation. I finished the design of the main block, this little ragged edged lamb. Now to decide on the quilt. I think it will be a square quilt with 3 blocks across and 3 blocks down. I will make 4 lambs and 5 - 3D pinwheels with inside sashing and 2 outside borders.

Once I get the top made I can sit down and write the instructions while it's fresh in my head. I'll show you the finished top in the next couple days. I love the way this block turned out! Wish me luck on getting this one done! You can get this pattern HERE.

How to add an envelope to the back of your quilts.

Since I made my nieces quilt I have had questions about how to add an envelope to the back of a quilt. This is a nice way to add information about the quilt you've made or to have a place to put a fabric letter for someone special. On the inside of the envelope I would also put a permanent label about your quilt just in case the fabric letter or information sheet gets lost over the years. You can see the picture below of this.

Here is the images of the quilt as I posted in a previous blog post.

On to the instructions for the envelope. Mind you I made this envelope very quickly and you should take more time so that it is really special and made nicely.
So here is an envelope I found that I liked the size of.

I unfolded the envelope carefully so I could use it as a pattern

I gathered fabric that matched the back of the quilt however you can choose any fabric. I folded the fabric right sides together and made sure once folded it would be large enough for my envelope pattern I made above.

I pinned down my pattern to the fabric and cut out my fabric envelope. You will have two pattern pieces that will already be right sides together.

I then took the paper pattern piece off the top of the pattern and clipped curves and corners and pinned it together to be ready to sew.

Next, using my quarter seam quilt foot on my sewing machine, I sewed all the way around the envelope but left and opening at one flat (not curved) side that is about 1 and 1/2 inches so I will be able to turn it right side out.

Hemostats are a great tool for turning things right side out. I placed the hemostats into the opening I left in the envelope and grabbed the corner of the envelope furthest away from the opening and clipped them shut. I then pulled the hemostats back out of the envelope which caused the envelope to be turned right side out.

Using a stick or some blunt object like the one below and run it along the inside of the envelope to finish turning it completely right side out so that it looks just like your paper pattern.

As you can see, I left my opening at the end of one of the points because I decided for this point to be flat rather than pointed. I will close the opening by using the foot you see here and with my needle all the way to the left so that when I stitch all the way around the envelope I will only be less than 1/8 inch away from the edge. This is an edge stitch.

Now that you've sewn all the way around the envelope you will now iron the envelope by folding in one side of the envelope in at a time and ironing a crease. Then fold the top and bottom of the envelope in and iron creases. You will have an envelope with creases like in the image below when you have completed your ironing. You will later use those creases to hand sew the envelope to the back of your quilt.

Choose a button you love and measure it to see how large a button hole you will need to make. I used my embroidery machine and made a decorative button hole. If you have one you can too.

Mark your button hole placement on the top flap of your envelope as shown below. I used a frixion pen for this as you can iron the mark off once you have completed the button hole.

You will sew the button to the bottom flap of the envelope leaving the side flaps free. When the envelope is buttoned closed the side flaps will stay in place, there is no need to secure them unless you want to and then you would sew the button to all there flaps with the bottom flap on top of both side flaps.

To make your letter as I did in the image at the top. You can use freezer paper that you've cut or purchased that is 8.5x11.

Starch your white or light colored fabric you intend on using for the letter very well then iron it onto the freezer paper using a wool setting. Once it is ironed well to your freezer paper you can type up your letter in a word processing program on your computer and place the fabric with the freezer paper into your computer (generally fabric side facing down) and print your letter onto your fabric.

You can finish your letter the same way I did and that is cut another piece of fabric the same size as your letter (it can be decorative fabric) and right sides together sew these two together leaving a hole in one edge to turn it right side out. Then as you did for the envelope edge stitch the letter all the way around closing the opening you used to turn the letter right side out.

Hope you enjoyed learning how to place a special letter on the back of a special quilt!



Boutique Giveaway quilt now complete!

Finally, after months and months of getting this together. Picking the fabric, getting 5 ladies me included to each make a row, sewing the rows together, getting it quilted and sewing the binding and rod pocket on the back the 2014 Quilt Show Boutique's giveaway quilt is finally complete.

With the help of Mary Brownlee, Linda Love, Debby Dodge, June Jaronitzky and of course me building the quilt top and Pam Barman quilting it so beautifully. It has turned out sensationally. I just finished the binding and wow, I am in love. I will definitely have to make one of these for myself!

You must come to the 2014 Peach Love Sew Quilt show and make a purchase at the boutique for your chance to win this beauty.

Enough talking about it...here are some pictures!

My Irish Chain Quilt nearing completion

I found this pattern on the Missouri Star site video's section, it's called Irish Chain. This is so easy it will make you sick! I found this "fabric for a cause" at the Spring Quilt shop and purchase 3 jelly rolls, and a fat quarter bundle as well as backing for any quilt I decided to make using it. In the Missouri Star video for this quilt there is no borders but I'm going to add boarders using nearly an entire 40 piece jelly roll. Can't wait to show you. This will be the largest quilt I have ever made. It is a king size quilt, it is so large I had to take it to the quilt shop to take the picture. I promise to take another picture once the borders are on. You are going to be so jealous that you'll have to make one for yourself.

This quilt takes 1 - 40 strip jelly rolls plus 8 more strips of assorted colors and 1 - 40 strip solid (I used white and I cut my own jelly roll for the solid fabric) and 6 yards of the same color solid as your solid jelly roll. Very quick to put together!

Here is the video on You Tube but please be sure and visit their site because it has so much to offer.

My Dresden Star top complete

I went on a retreat last year sometime, don't ask me when cause I'm getting too old to remember all the details of life! Anyway, a lovely woman named Bankie was also there at the retreat and she was working on this wonderful pattern by Edyta Sitar called Dresden Star. I fell in love at first site of this scrumptious pattern. As soon as I got home I went to the quilt store to get all the supplies to make this beauty! I even got the templates and they were a whopping $5.00. That's what I call a bargain!

After my trip to the quilt store for all the supplies I needed to complete my very own Dresden Star I began getting all the pieces cut out and ready to start sewing. That day I made one block and was so amazed at the ease of this pattern. It sure looks a lot more complicated. Well, even though I got it all cut out and one block complete I had to set it aside. Life sometimes gets in the way of my creative side. I knew I'd get back to it and last week I did.

I did have a bit of trouble with the large triangles and I wrote Edyta with a question, well she must be really busy cause she never got back to me. I was a bit disappointed about that because I also make and sell weaving tools and my customer service is 100% always, and I just expect the same. Oh well, I just kept plugging along and everything ended up working out so all is well.

I am extremely happy with this one, and it's for ME!

Hope you love it too.

It's a boy so had to scrap the girly quilt

I was nearing finishing the little tweet bird quilt for my Secret Sister who is pregnant....but then decided it was too girly. I was hoping for a girl but IT"S A BOY! She is excited and that is all that matters. So I just finished this one up that I started a while back. I think it's more appropriate don't you? Anyway, I finished it a few days later than our mailings are suppose to go out but I got it out. Can't wait for it to arrive to see if she loves it. Of course I sent her some other items that are just for her but here are pictures of the quilt I sent.

Pedal Pusher Class technique by Nova Montgomery, pattern by Ruth Jensen

Nova Montgomery teaches Pedal Pushers at Quilters Crossing. Pattern by Ruth Jensen, technique by Nova Montgomery.
I was able to complete three block in class yesterday. Learning this technique was fun. Ruth Jensen has a dragon fly pattern that Nova also teaches and I think I'd love doing that class even more. I can picture that quilt hanging on my wall. I think I'll just make a couple pillows with the pedal pusher blocks as I don't need anymore future grand children quilts.

Kaleidoscope Stars Quilt Finished

Workshop quilt finished

Class by: Cynthia LeBlanc Regone

Kaleidoscope Stars

I hate using templates to make a quilt..I prefer the strip pieced techniques that some of the new quilts use. I'm glad this one is done. I didn't do a good job picking colors out so I'm not as pleased as I would be if someone else had picked out my colors for me. For some reason I just don't have that inner eye to see what colors will look good together. Well here it is, with the boarders on I'm more pleased with the combination but it is still lacking the expert eye.

My Spinning Stars

So here is my spinning stars. I took the Karen Stone class and I've finally made all the stars. I was thinking of doing a Mariners Compass for the 5 inch set in blocks but well I think I will just go with yellow fabric. The class was a nice class however...now I'm at a loss as to what is the easiest way to set in these y blocks...I've been looking at it for a few days now and am just not sure about finishing it. Anyway here are all my blocks waiting patiently to be completed into my first queen size quilt top... wish me luck cause I'll sure need it!

This is the Mariners Compass I had considered...bla bla bla was wrong size and I couldn't find an easy way to make it a square block.

Summer Lap Blanket for Ms. Ramona

At the retirement center there are so many wonderful people there. I wish I had more time to spend with each one. Every now and again one of the lovely people there ask for something special...I feel so blessed that they feel comfortable with me to make these sorts of requests. I absolutely love making someone's day. A wonderful lady that resides at the retirement center, Ramona said she once had a thin blanket that was just made up of a top fabric and a backing fabric with no quilt batting. She said she gave it away because she thought she had another one. When she found out that she didn't she wished she still had the one she gave away. I told her I'd sure make her one like this as it is easy peasy to make. She said her favorite color was blue.
Then a couple weeks ago a good friend of mines mother sent over some material to make these lap blankets as well as receiving blankets, and to my surprise a lovely blue fabric was in this stash. I will certainly replace it but I decided this was perfect for Ms. Ramona and so here is my finished project. Mind you she never mentioned liking flowers so I'm a tad bit worried, but I can't seem to do anything without adding a little bit of "Janet" all over it...lol

so here it is...

Mrs Salgy loved her quilt

Brought Mrs. Salgy her quilt today. She loved it. I took this picture, she had just woke up...

Pictures of Mrs. Salgy's Quilt

A few more to view :)