Thursday, May 26, 2022

Turn around times a bit longer these days

 It looks like several large weaving tool manufactures are experiencing some delays in production while others are retiring and closing shop.  I keep my head buried in saw dust so I wasn't aware.  It wasn't until my orders started to double or more that I looked into finding out why.
The shop closing is Bluster Bay,  so this is the reason you are not able to find their shuttles.  He's retiring sadly for weavers but I'm sure he's ready to just sit back and enjoy the rest of his life without the daily hustle and bustle it takes to run a shop.

While there are delays of 6 months or more for shuttles at some weaving manufactures I'm sure I'll be busier than  normal and this is causing a slight delay in getting orders out.  So at the moment it can take a week to 10 days to get your order. I am super sorry about this and I'm working as fast as I can.  If I get too many orders I will shut down and stop taking orders till I get caught up.  It's hard to know when that is going to occur so please bare with me.  :)  and thank you for finding my shop to fill your weaving needs.  It is much appreciated. 

This is a pile of tools waiting for me to sand with the belt sander, this is the first sanding and shaping of your weaving tool.   It takes two days to get to this point in production.  

Then it moves on to hand sanding where each shuttle is sanded 5 more times with different grades of sand paper...  This is one set of orders and this is 8 -10 hours of hand sanding. 

Once sanding is complete the following day I put in the hardware, add my logo.  Here is one table full at a time getting hardware installed.
Then each shuttle is waxed, then buffed, then shellac'd and buffed a final time where it is then ready to ship the following day.  Then I start all over with the new orders that came in while I was finishing this set of orders.

It's all worth it cause look at these beauties; this is where I get to the good part!  

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Around the house and shop projects

 After being closed for the month of March to get taxes done and to get some projects for around my home complete I am now open!  I am sorry for having to close.  Since I am a one woman show closing is the only way to get things done around my home.  I work long hours and rarely take a day off.  I also never get a chance to do much accounting so I take March off for that and I also take off the middle of November till Jan 3rd each year.  
Here are some of the projects that I got completed while I was closed this March.  :)  I did a few other things but I'll post them another time.  I also have MANY projects planned, I sure hope I'm able to get to them all.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Turn around times


I want to do a quick post to let you know that since I was closed for over a month with covid orders are pouring in.  :)  It is good to not be forgotten.  Production time is a little slower than normal, this one girl can only do so many orders a week.  The picture above is the third batch for the last week that went out.  I generally ship only two days a week but currently I am shipping 3 to try to get orders out as fast as I can.  I hope you understand.  Things will slow down a bit and get back to normal soon.  

Monday, September 13, 2021

Handywoman is Covid Free

I wanted to do an update on my status.  I tested Covid free last week and feel pretty close to 100% now.  It was a long struggle to feel better but finally I feel like I can tackle the daily orders for Handywoman shop.   Thank you to all of you that contacted me and those that prayed for me.  There is definitely power in prayer and I can't thank you enough!   The shop is open now and I'm ready for orders.  I know that the first couple weeks will be crazy busy and I think I'm ready :)  Be gentle LOL

The last few days I've been doing things around the house that needed to get done including expanding the chicken coup.   We lost a chicken to a fox recently and I have not felt comfortable to let them free range because of this.  Their run was only about 12 feet by 8 feet and well I felt really bad making them stay inside all the time.  We extended the run and now it is 22 feet by 8 feet and I think they are pleased with their new digs :)  I also got some new herbs as what I had died off from neglect....  
Here are some pictures of the new digs