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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Recreating the past, an early 19th century treadle loom.

I seen one of these years ago and have always said I'd make one someday...well the last few weeks was that someday.  She's not complete yet and the next one will be slightly different (I had to learn as I went as there is no pattern!). 
I will finish her next weekend I hope (I never know my schedule or work load)  but for now here are some fun pictures. 

 And here is how it went :)   

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rigid Paddle Heddles

I've been meaning to make a few of these up but have been so busy that it just slipped my mind.  Then I seen someone weaving on one and it came to me :)  So when I was making orders today I made these.  I chose a dragonfly design to put on these.  So sweet!  They are a hearty 18.5 inches long and 6.25" wide.  Perfect size for weaving I think. 
Here they are...oh and some of my sami shuttles in some new species of wood too :)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The curvy pattern boat shuttle

So, it's been the better part of a year and a half that weavers have asked me to make a long stick shuttle that had a thin curvy edge.  It seems their grand mothers had one and also were seen using hay saws to achieve a curvy design in their tapestry/art weaving.  So a couple weeks ago two people ask for this same tool.  Seems they are super hard to find the antique ones floating around. 

Well the last request finally got me to finish designing the one I've been procrastinating making for some time now.  See there is only one me, and until they find a pill or another me there is just so many hours in a day.  :)

The pattern stick shuttle, a more traditional pattern tool and then one never seen before :) now, and that is my pattern boat shuttle.  The pattern boat shuttle comes in two different options.  A gentle curve (probably more of what general weavers will want) and a more severe curve (more for tapestry and art weavers).  The pattern boat shuttle is 22" long and uses a 6" paper quill, the pattern stick shuttle is 19.25" long but comes in more wood species options.

I'm thinking of including new patterns for both of these, but that depends on how well these do and the demand.  These take a great deal of sanding...YIKES  nearly sanded a finger or two off just today! :)

Okay I'll not bore you with more words to read when pictures are more pleasing :)

The pattern boat shuttle -  22" Long x 1/2" thick and comes in Mahogany, Maple, and Cherry

And the more traditional pattern stick shuttle -  19.25" long x .25" Thick and is available in Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, and Zebrawood.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mini Box Tape Looms

I'm so excited to have finally finished 4 mini Handywoman Box Tape Looms.  I've been wanting to get these made before Christmas.  They are so stinking cute, I think these would make an awesome Christmas gift for your favorite weaver.
I also teamed up with a new Illustrator, Angela Porter.  She illustrates adult coloring books as well as other adventures.  I am happy to have found her.  I have placed her designs on one of my standard size Box looms and of course it sold right away so I'll be busy making that one again soon.  :)
And now I'll get with showing you images of my little Mini Looms and Angela Porters Dragonfly's.

So first I'll show you the standard Box loom with Angela's Illustrations.

This picture is to show you the size difference.

Birds and tumble weeds

Sassy Cheryl Snowmen designs perfect for Christmas

These designs I purchased from Color Box.  I do not know who the artist is.