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Monday, February 17, 2020

New Handywoman Box Loom Design

I took sometime this week to design a new box loom.  With my birthday, Valentines and Presidents day all in one week what better time.
I decided to keep it simple so it's not so time consuming to make and to make it so that it could be used in re-enacting as well as be a beautiful loom to weave on.  So here she is.  This one is sporting purpleheart warp rod ratchet and pawl.  The heddle is fixed and does not come off the loom like my other looms.  This one is a single hole heddle with 55 slots.

Friday, December 27, 2019

A new year is almost here

As 2019 winds down and the roaring 20's rush in I'm reminded of all the blessings of the past year.  Lots of ups and down with family illnesses and with God's grace everyone is still here and fighting the good fight.  Sometimes it takes events like these to remember what's really important.  I feel so blessed going into 2020 and I hope you are as blessed.

In a few more days my little vacation of sorts will be over and my shop will be open.  I always worry when I close shop for so long, I sure don't want to be forgotten.  The only way for me to get time off is to close so it's my only choice.  I did manage to get some things done in the shop while I was off.  Not as much as I hoped but I do have a couple new tools that will be available and I've worked on a couple looms I don't get made often.

For Christmas my DH purchased me a spray system for my treadle looms.  This is super awesome because it takes days to get a finish on those the way I have been putting the finish on.  There will be a learning curve of course and I have to figure out how/where I'll be spraying finish.  I think the RV building (we do not own an RV) is a good place.  I'll watch some videos and see how others accomplish this task.

I hope you all (talking as if I have more than a couple followers 😁  I feel blessed to have you all! ) had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you the Happiest of New Years!  I am ready to get back to work so I'll see you all very soon!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Handywoman Christmas

Each year I try to get a few sets together for the holiday's.  Sets are a great way to give your favorite weaver a gift that will include many fun weaving items.  This year will be no different.
I'm working on a few inkle shuttle boxes, these will be packed with inkle shuttles for a reduced cost all packaged up in a little box. 

I'll also have several of the tiny tapestry loom sets available.  These will come with yarn and a bag.

And of course I'll have a few baskets shuttles available.

Be sure to keep a look out as these go super fast and are limited.  

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Handywoman has broke her elbow

So when you think you are on your way to getting caught up and you trip and fall....yep I did.  The worse part is I broke my elbow so I'll have to work with a cast on.  Rest assured, I've broken my elbow before and I am able to work with a cast :)  so your orders will go out.  Thank you very much!  I do have to close a day or so just to get my cast on, but I'll be reopened after that.
Sorry to be so dramatic...:)
Happy weaving,

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Getting caught up.

I'm trying to get caught up.  My Dad is healing from his latest surgery but it's going to take a bit of time.  Unfortunately longer than we'd hoped.  See they found cancer (early stages) on his lung when doing some scans and he needs that taken care of before it spreads.  They will not start radiation till he has healed from the aneurysm surgery.  Because it was the size of a baseball it's left a large gap and it's taking a long time to stop draining.  Not sure it will without more surgeries.  The other problem is he has a leaky valve in his heart which should have been addressed first..but...such is life.  So we have our hands full but I am working everyday. 
I can run more than one machine at a time in my new shop so I can get more than even my brain can keep track of done at the same time :) 
Keep my Dad in your prayers for me if you will.  We really need that guy :)
May you all be blessed,