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Monday, December 12, 2016

Handmade Steampunk Box Tape Loom

I've been wanting to make one of these for so long and I finally have.  I have one more of these in walnut cut out and ready to finish and assemble but my next one will be somewhat different.  This one has steampunk designs engrave all over it and I did my best to make is super fancy.  This one is an 8dpi but the heddle is removable so I will be making different heddles to offer for sale for people wanting more options.
Anyway here is a solid cherry box band loom, I am so pleased with this.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Handmade Backstrap Loom Kits

So what is backstrap weaving?  Well, the art of backstrap weaving is practiced by many artisans in the highlands of Guatemala and have been indigenous to this region for generations....  According to Maya myth, backstrap weaving originated with Ixchel, the Maya goddess taking numerous forms, Moon, Water, Weaving and Childbirth.
Okay so now you know the history and how ancient it is.  It is one of the most beautiful things I've seen...watching someone use a backstrap loom to create the most wonderful works of art.
Well, I could I resist ...:)
So here is my first backstrap loom set and the next one I'm still working on getting all the parts.
I'm including with my little kit the how kit and caboodle :)
So with my set you get all this!!!!  The new set will be 6 epi Heddle and able to use worsed weigh yarn for the warp.
1 - adjustable backstrap
1 - Band Lock
1 - 8 dpi heddle - 1/8" thick solid walnut, approx 7x4"
1 - Sami Yarn shuttle (one side has been sanded thin for beating)
1 - warp comb
1 - back beam
2- warp sticks
1 - cotton carry bag

So here is my first kit

And here is the set I'm working on.  Need to make the band lock and back beam and it will be ready to sell.  Update Here is the Lg Steampunk Backstrap Kit.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Loom's on the Go just in time for Christmas

I'm getting so excited about Christmas!  Are you?  Well, I've been racking my brain trying to think of something new for my shop that would be perfect for children or grand children of weavers!  Teaching someone to weave, well that is my all time favorite thing to do or to hear about.  So I've got a new loom in my shop....and it's perfect for little weavers (and big ones too).
Here they are....Little Loom on the Go!



and Large Loom on the Go

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Progress made on my new Handmade ski shuttles.

So in between orders I've been working on my ski shuttle design and here she is.  One day I'm going to make that steam box so I can get a better curve on the ends of these but for now this is as good as it gets.  These will be for sale now and I will continue to work on the design as I get user input but I'm feeling pretty good about these.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAA  :)  These will be 16" and 13" long and 1.5" wide x 1 inch tall.  This one is made from black walnut.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Handmade Ski Shuttle

Wow, it was a beautiful weekend.  The weather was a cool 80ish and breezy.  I don't know about you but I long for these sort of days and I wish we had more than one or two a year!  Anyway the weather was so nice I spend the entire and I do mean entire weekend in my garage filling orders and oh yes...designing new stuff!  Oh and how fun is that.  So I wanted to find ways of using that totally expensive (for me) laser machine and I've created several files to test out to see if they will be worthy of laser cutting.

The first thing I set out to try to cut is 3/4" oak with a mirror cut.  Well unfortunately this did not work.  The oak is just way to hard.  So I tried the same file (heddle stands for my looms) on some pine and wallah it worked like a charm.  I'm not sure I want to use pine for the heddle stands but it might work since they really don't get any stress.

So then I moved on to making a new shuttle.  Oh yes a new shuttle!  This one has been in my mind for some time to make.  A "potential" customer has been nagging "sort of" me for a ski shuttle for months.  I told her when time permits that I would give it a go.  Well finally I did.  This is the proto type it is 1" tall x 1" wide x 16" long.  I'm going to change the width to 1.5" so more yarn can fit onto it and I'm also going to do a 13" version.
Well without further ado here is my first ski shuttle.  These I made from solid mahogany.

As you can see from the bottom I need to work on the file so the tabs come all the way through to the bottom. :)  These will be in the scratch and dent section.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Backstrap loom with shuttle.

You might have noticed my post about my new laser machine.  Well it's taken a super long time (at least for me) to get it all figured out and actually make something with it.  My goal is to make rug shuttles, heddles and other items I can dream up.  So I thought I'd post an update.  Here is my first project that is for sale.  :)  I have made other items and will take pictures soon but this one is ready and I'm super pleased!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Laser cutter for a new toy...OH MY :)

Yep, I finally did it, and she has arrived.  This massive machine will cut my heddles and I will be able to make larger ones....I'm super duper excited about this.  Now to learn how to make cut files with new software....yes I can do it.  I'm confident!  So I was thinking not only will I be able to make larger heddles on this massive machine but maybe other things too...I need to think, think and think some more.  What kind of weaving tools can I make with this monster?????
Oh, and I'm thinking of naming her ...yes...I am a bit strange sometimes but I think Kat will love her new name ;)
So now I'll need to re-organize my garage...I'll give it a good clean in the process so that's another great reason to re-organize!  I've ordered a wood storage shelf...and I'm going to get 3 more cabinets for storing paint...I'm sick of looking at it sitting on a shelf.. I prefer stuff like that hidden. :)  I'd rather see my tools...yes I am serious...I LOVE TOOLS....all kinds of tools, kitchen tools, crafting tools and power tools.  There is nothing like getting a new tool and this girl "Kat" ..well...she is the ultimate tool.

Monday, September 12, 2016

So you need unique towel hooks?

You've made some awesome tea towels, you are so pleased with them you'd never think to use them.  Yes we all feel this way with some things we make. Well now I/we need a unique way to hang them, to draw attention to them so we can say, I made those tea towels on my loom and those are my special hooks to hang them.
Weird, yes, crazy most definitely but most of all the funniest conversation piece and you'll never see these again.  I made them using clay and I then fired them in my kilns and glazed and tinted then fired them again....  I no longer have kilns, I sold them trying to pair down my craft and hobby hoard.  So yes, when I say these are one of a kind I am not joking.  :)
They are ready to attach to the wall or to a plaque to hang on the wall being careful not to screw too tight and break your holes out. I would probably use hard as nails and attach them to a kewl plaque of sorts then use short nails and gently screw them in for affect....:)  For now they come just like this.  If they don't sell right away I will be putting them on something and selling for more ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Making a 48" Rigid Heddle Loom

A customer requested a 48" rigid heddle loom that would use an manufacturers heddle.  This was a fun but cumbersome project but it's getting there.  All that is left to do is the routing of the edges and sanding smooth.  Then I'll put a coat of wax on it and shine it all up.  I might have to make one of these for myself!  You could get a twin size blanket made easily with such a large loom.
Here she is almost finished.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Exotic Wood Boat Shuttles

Well, I've found a great source for Exotic wood boat shuttle.  Only for the 9 inch shuttles for now but I'm on the look out for sources for longer exotic blanks.  As I find cheaper sources my prices will also drop.  Exotic wood is not a cheap option but I still wanted to add some to my shop for those that want the look that exotic woods offer.  So my first order came in and I got to work..:)  I am very pleased with the outcome for the most part.  I didn't waste much wood and that is a big PLUS.
Here are some images of some of the exotic wood (and other) shuttles I made this past week.

And this is what I have at the moment to make weaving tools from.  I've got more species on order so keep a look out.  :)