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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cut little Pig Pot Holder

Today's project pig potholders.  So cute! I made a couple of these for myself and one about a year ago for my secret sister and have been meaning to make more.  So finally today I made 4 of these little cuties for the quilt show boutique.  Very easy to make.
You can get this pattern on Craftsy

So here they are.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thank you gift Light Box Finish....

I finally finished the light box this morning.  I meant to have it finished this past weekend but time got away from me and company kept me company!
I think it turned out beautifully and I do believe QuiltWorks will love it.  I hope so anyway.  It is a surprise for the next guild meeting so don't let the cat out of the bag please.  :)
Here are the pictures as promised, I hope you like my creation!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Getting things done!

As the quilt show draws near we are little little elves working away getting ready for the show.  We have so much to do and so little time left.  We even have one more workshop to complete.
I have all the tags done thank God! I used my SIL and the print and cut function this made our tags looks so chic :) .

We've sent all the thank you cards and an extra special one to Connie at QuiltWorks and we've made and delivered all the thank you gifts 38 of them..wow that was work in itself but these ladies are so worth it!  I have the Light Box started.  All the pieces cut out and the finish is complete.  All I have to do is assemble it, well that is the actual hard part but I'm half way there.  Here is a picture of the pieces and sentiment.  I'll post another picture when it is all together.

I also finally completed my spools.  My big drill died so my spools were on hold.  I got a new drill and now my spools are complete.  I still have 11 of those ruler crates to make but that's an easy job.

My new drill press...oh she's a beaut

Of course here are the spools...:)

And then, I didn't like my  hand painting on the tin can raffle bird house so I redid those but printed them and modge podged them onto the signage for the bird house.  Looks so much better!

My list of "To Do's" is getting shorter but it isn't short!  I have had a ton of fun with the boutique but will be so glad to have my life back.  Oh it's not so bad but it does take lots of time.  We are so excited to see how we do.  We hope that the boutique is a success.  Our guild does so much for the community and the more money we have the more we can do.  It is a blessing to be involved!

Boutique Giveaway quilt now complete!

Finally, after months and months of getting this together.  Picking the fabric, getting 5 ladies me included to each make a row, sewing the rows together, getting it quilted and sewing the binding and rod pocket on the back the 2014 Quilt Show Boutique's giveaway quilt is finally complete.
With the help of Mary Brownlee, Linda Love, Debby Dodge, June Jaronitzky and of course me building the quilt top and Pam Barman quilting it so beautifully.  It has turned out sensationally.  I just finished the binding and wow, I am in love.  I will definitely have to make one of these for myself!
You must come to the 2014 Peach Love Sew Quilt show and make a purchase at the boutique for your chance to win this beauty.
Enough talking about it...here are some pictures!