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Sunday, May 29, 2016

More Handmade Weaving Boat Shuttles

I finally found a great source for hardwood besides oak and poplar not far from me called Hardwood products.  I made the trip on Tuesday and bought some Tiger/curly Maple, Hard Maple, Black Walnut and African Mahogany.  Some 2 inches thick which is perfect for shuttles.  I've made a new 9 inch shuttle out of Oak, Pine and now Black Walnut.  Today I'm planning on making one in Hard Maple.
Here are my new boat shuttles.  I am still working on a boat shuttle for an inkle loom.  It will need to be rather thin with a beating edge.  Might work on this today as well.  Anyway here are my new handmade boat shuttles.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Handmade Rigid Heddle Yarn shuttle

You might have noticed (or not) I've been working on projects for my weaving shop.  I'm trying to add more handmade weaving tools to my shop for sale.  I started with a few new looms, the rigid heddle loom, the Inkle Loom and the simple lap loom and simple rug yarn shuttles for these looms.  Well, I've been wanting for years to make a proper boat shuttle and decided that weaving with a rigid heddle loom would be so much more fun if I had a boat shuttle that would fit under the narrow shed.  Well so I finally worked it out.  Eventually they will use a magnet to keep the bar in place but the stainless steel rod I already had doesn't work with magnets so here is my new boat shuttle for now.  When I use up all this rod and get new rod I will re-engineer this shuttle so that it will be easier to make

My first one.

and now the design will look like these

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sewing Box Table

This was a labor of love.  I spent a great deal of time making this little ladies sewing table.  There was a time when you could purchase a side chair table that was made specifically for keeping a ladies handwork and tools next to them, keeping everything at hand.  Weren't those the days?!?
I guess since less items are hand made today the need for such an item has long past.  These now can only be found if you are fortunate enough and able to afford to purchase an antique or vintage one.

Well of course I just had to see if I could possibly make one.  I did try to give mine a more updated look compared to the images of them I found on the internet.  I am please with it and I love the image I found to transfer to the top; I think it makes it special.

Well without further ado here is my sewing box table complete.