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Friday, March 31, 2017

The perfect Shark HD4 with Extended Bed Workbench

Finding the perfect table for your new CNC isn't as easy as it sounds if you do not have unlimited funds that is for sure!!!  I looked for about a month for a table I could afford that would be sturdy enough for my new machine.
As you know my machine arrived yesterday :)  YAAAAAAAAAAAAA
and I still didn't have a table for this monster so...  using all the clearance lumber I purchased a few years ago and another $85.00 I made one!  Whew that is CHEAP I tell you!
I used these plans here:  Sturdy Workbench but I used the wood I had in my garage for the most part so I used 2x6 instead of 2x4's.  I also changed the size.  My workbench is 38x64" to accommodate my new monster.  :)  These plans ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE could make this bench and even if you didn't have scraps it will be much cheaper than buying one I assure you.
So here is my new monster bench!  This bench took about 4 hours to make even with me going to the Home Depot for the plywood.  Quick and cheap!

I'll give updates when I get my machine on the table! 

and so here she is :) 

My new buddy, Shark HD4 CNC with extended bed

Oh look see....my new favorite tool has arrived.  I've got a table to build today for this monster machine.  I spent the entire day yesterday rearranging my garage so that this CNC will have plenty of room all the way around.  (pictures soon)  I am so excited to show you the pallet!   :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Small improvement on my benches.

So since I make benches mostly in pine I decided to change the size of the handles on the legs.
Here is the new bench.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Why my Etsy shop is "On a short break"

Sometimes people write me asking when I'll be back or complain that my shop is closed that I'm just "teasing" them.   So who is Handywoman and why is her shop "On a short break"?

Oh how I wish there were two or three of me but of course there isn't and I do not have any helpers.  My husband has his own job so  I'm a one woman show.
I don't have an office help, or a cleaner, there is no one to design the product I want to sell or to write the manual.  I don't have anyone to write build instructions or to help in my daily work.

I'm an over 50 year old woman that is over weight and that has a progressive disease trust me when I tell you I'm going as fast as I can.  I close my shop so I can restock so that every day isn't a mad rush, or so I can make that idea in my head a reality.  It takes time to design new items for my shop and oh how I love to be able to offer new weaving or spinning tools.

My day.....

I wake up in the morning (thank God for that).  As I drink my coffee I update my order to do list and enter my orders into a system I use to track the taxes I'll owe at the end of the year and make shipping labels and thank you cards. (I feel it's always important to thank your customers!)  I then take my list and tape it to my garage wall and begin making the ordered items.
Everything is hand made so  there is A LOT of saw dust which I have to vacuum up frequently during the day so I don't drown :) .
Sometimes I have to let glue dry on one project while I start another.  Then once all my orders are made I work on getting a finish on them so then I'm off to waxing and buffing or putting on a poly finish.
While my finish is in between coats I begin packaging my orders that need to ship that day and this is always a mad rush for some reason, the good thing is I created all the labels and thank you cards while I was drinking my morning coffee.
Once I've gotten all the orders out that were on my shipping schedule ready, I drive them to a shipping location.  (The post office can not be trusted to pick up packages, they often forget!!)
Then I get on with finishing orders that will go out the following day as well as making extra's so I have some items in stock and ready to ship.
Then finally I need to clean the garage (and it's a mess!) so I will have a clean place to work the following day.
Sometimes I close my shop so I can restock or even more fun work on that idea I had for a new product.  I am fairly quick at making those ideas into a reality but it does require time to create a prototype so improvements can be made and then finally writing build or use instructions or both.

So there you have it.  I am the designer, the purchaser, the manual and build instruction writer, the book keeper and secretary,  the logistics manager, the manufacturer and finally the janitor.  Well "finally isn't actually completely true because I'm also a wife and house keeper and trust me that takes time too.  I'm just a house wife that wants to make weaving tools for you at a price that is affordable.  That's it, that is my entire reasoning for working so hard; oh.... but I am also very happy when I get kind words in a review, some days that's what really keeps me working hard so keep them coming.

You can follow my adventures and see what I'm up to by clicking "follow" on my blog.  I generally am not so wordy and you might get ideas or find a tool you just couldn't live without.

All my best,

New stuff! Rare finds in wood turned into boat shuttles and a squirrel cage yarn swift finally in production!

I'm always on the look out for beautiful wood.  I LOVE burls but my sources rarely if ever have this wood available in anything other than tiny little pen blanks.  Some of them like Camphor burl is rare to find.  Oh and when you cut into this stuff, the aroma that fills the air is amazing.  My garage never smelled better!  So you get bang for your buck, or bucks :)  Yes it is very expensive and since my goal is to offer tools for weavers and spinners that don't break the bank you might wonder why I'd try to find it and make weaving tools with it.  Well, I'll still offer the lowest possible price and I do believe that even those of us of meager means also deserve super nice stuff!  Oh anyway here is my beautiful new super slim rigid boat shuttle. (I'm working on an inkle boat shuttle too and will update with pictures once she's all shiny).

Oh I did mention my new Squirrel Cage Yarn Swift is now available didn't I?  Well yes it is and I'm super excited about it.  I posted pictures of my prototype and I was not happy that the cages were not the same wood as the frame and well it was a bit wobbly, not bad and I will find a home for her but this one is the final product and will be available in my shop.  So without droning on here she is.

Monday, March 13, 2017

New Carry bag for my Box Tape Looms

Finally, yes finally I've taken the time to design a carry bag for my cute little looms.  They so deserve their very own bag don't you think!  Anyway, it took me one entire day well 6 hours to design my new bag so that my little loom fits perfectly inside with plenty of room for other goodies to take to weaving bee.  :)  I'm super excited.  Mind you, I'm thinking of finding a staple fabric that will always be available so that all my bags are the same color  but for now I used this designer quilting fabric that I just love.  I hope someone else loves it too.
So here she is, a new bag just for my box tape looms.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Elephant adorned box tap rigid heddle loom

It's so exciting to have new designs for my little box tape looms.  I am proud to present and Elephant inspired loom.  Elephants are for some reason my favorite wild animal (besides Foxes)
So here she is all finished and shiny :) ...I think who ever gets this little loom will treasure it for years to come.

And when she was born from solid cherry 1/4" wood. 

and of course you can get different epi heddles for all my little box looms.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Custom dragon engraved 16" rigid heddle loom.

If you've been following me (the few that do :)  )  you've seen my little box looms...and OH how I love these.  They very time consuming to make but when they are done I feel like a girl looking at diamonds on her finger.  I just am amazed at how beautiful they turn out.  :)
I take pictures of them as if they were my children!  See

I often get request for something new, mostly because what is available is so expensive for the regular hard working people out there (it is the reason I make weaving tools in the first place)  and sometime I decide to take on that request such as with this squirrel cage yarn swift...(this is my prototype and I've not had time to make one to sell yet).  I am happy with this design and it will be available soon I promise and it will not cost 300.00 dollars either...it will be under 100.00 :)  for sure!

Okay I've gotten off trace a little haven't I...  ADHD any?
So a friend ask me if I could make one of my rigid heddle looms with dragons etched on the sides...ohhhhhhh of course I had to say yes...what a treasure that would be.  She wanted to present it to a very good friend as a gift....  and of course I LOVED the idea, so without further ado....