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Friday, March 10, 2017

Custom dragon engraved 16" rigid heddle loom.

If you've been following me (the few that do :)  )  you've seen my little box looms...and OH how I love these.  They very time consuming to make but when they are done I feel like a girl looking at diamonds on her finger.  I just am amazed at how beautiful they turn out.  :)
I take pictures of them as if they were my children!  See

I often get request for something new, mostly because what is available is so expensive for the regular hard working people out there (it is the reason I make weaving tools in the first place)  and sometime I decide to take on that request such as with this squirrel cage yarn swift...(this is my prototype and I've not had time to make one to sell yet).  I am happy with this design and it will be available soon I promise and it will not cost 300.00 dollars either...it will be under 100.00 :)  for sure!

Okay I've gotten off trace a little haven't I...  ADHD any?
So a friend ask me if I could make one of my rigid heddle looms with dragons etched on the sides...ohhhhhhh of course I had to say yes...what a treasure that would be.  She wanted to present it to a very good friend as a gift....  and of course I LOVED the idea, so without further ado....



  1. Just discovered you. Following you now on Bloglovin'. Your work is just amazing. Can't wait for your shop to reopen! Gotta have some of that stuff!

  2. I'm just so amazed at what you build and create. With small looms like this what do people make with them? I love seeing what you make I'm just not sure how they're used and I'm interested.

    1. Hi Carla,
      Tape looms are used to make trims, straps for bags, dog collars...and so much more. They go way back to the middle ages and maybe further. People often start their weaving experience with tape looms and as they grow so do their looms :). Thanks for asking.