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Friday, March 17, 2017

New stuff! Rare finds in wood turned into boat shuttles and a squirrel cage yarn swift finally in production!

I'm always on the look out for beautiful wood.  I LOVE burls but my sources rarely if ever have this wood available in anything other than tiny little pen blanks.  Some of them like Camphor burl is rare to find.  Oh and when you cut into this stuff, the aroma that fills the air is amazing.  My garage never smelled better!  So you get bang for your buck, or bucks :)  Yes it is very expensive and since my goal is to offer tools for weavers and spinners that don't break the bank you might wonder why I'd try to find it and make weaving tools with it.  Well, I'll still offer the lowest possible price and I do believe that even those of us of meager means also deserve super nice stuff!  Oh anyway here is my beautiful new super slim rigid boat shuttle. (I'm working on an inkle boat shuttle too and will update with pictures once she's all shiny).

Oh I did mention my new Squirrel Cage Yarn Swift is now available didn't I?  Well yes it is and I'm super excited about it.  I posted pictures of my prototype and I was not happy that the cages were not the same wood as the frame and well it was a bit wobbly, not bad and I will find a home for her but this one is the final product and will be available in my shop.  So without droning on here she is.

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