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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tragedy in Colorado Springs

I've been making weaving tools for at least 12 years now, I loose track of time these days. I have met so many wonderful weavers throughout the years, I get close to many of them and their stories. I even have a couple pen pals because of my love for this wonderful art form.

One of the ladies (Nance) that recently purchased a raddle from me and had come to know was part of the Colorado Springs fire disaster. She lost everything, even the cars that sit outside. She lost all her pictures, her entire life. She'd go to the rubble that was left behind looking for little pieces of her life that that fire may have spared. Billy Graham and some of his congregation came to give support and hope. The group went about looking for pieces of peoples lives they could find. They found one tiny piece of woven fabric that belonged to Nance, she was thrilled.

Needless to say she lost her loom, the thing that she went to daily for joy, she lost the raddle that I had made for her. Then a few days ago she tells me that someone was so kind and gave her another loom. She was so thrilled to say the least. I made a new raddle for her to replace the one she bought and the right size for her new loom. She doesn't know I've done this and I hope she loves it. I put on the raddle the words "With God all things are possible".

Let's all say a prayer for those people who have lost everything.

Here is the special hand painted raddle:

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