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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ribbon Embroidery Boutique Project

Our monthly boutique project was a success! Load of wonderful women showed up to give support for the guilds boutique project this month.  I totally forgot my phone so I did not get pictures of everyone working on the project.  Connie at Quilt Works taught us all how to do some really cute roses using hand dyed silk ribbons.  I think I am hooked!  Look how fantastic my project turned out.  I am so pleased.  It wasn't hard at all and it's so quick to make something so pretty.  So I found some more fabric that matches the hand painted mason Jars I made.  I painted them to remind me of old times when jars were a light blue color.  You just paint the glass cook it in your oven for 40 minutes and wallah you have blue (or any color you choose) jars that the color is permanent!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Massive Raised Gardens

Each time I decided I would like another raised garden I post the other "two" on Facebook to sell.  The reason is.  It only cost a couple more dollars to make three as it does to make one.  I currently have six gardens and I wanted another one, so I posted that I was making gardens again for those that missed out last time....
To my surprise I got orders for 19 raised gardens, can you believe it.  Well as soon as I took the orders and decided what the heck I'll make them no problem, low and behold some sort of virus jumped on me like flies to poop!  Sick as a dog...but I make the journey to my garage and for two days I build gardens in between blowing my nose and coughing my head off.  My husband and son so graciously helped me, neither are particularly garage pro's but nor am I so between all the words of love we got the job done! Thank you God for getting me through this!
Here's how they stack up...<S>  well that's one corner of the garage anyway.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Clever plant markers

Aren't these the cutest little plant markers!  I was searching the web for ideas and maybe even to make a purchase for some plant markers for a friend who purchased one of these raised flower bed from me.  She had posted on facebook a picture of her newly planted garden and gave a list of all the plants she planted into her new raised beds.  Since she is such a sweetie, and I really like her I thought I'd surprise her with some markers for each of her new plants.  I found some really cute ones made from vintage silverware that were stamped with a metal stamping tool.  Very cool, so I purchased them.  Then I just kept looking because there were so many cute one.  Ones that were made of clay and fired.  I thought I could make some of clay and fire them because I do have few kilns but then I found these.  Little tiny flower pots with copper hangers.  They were very expensive about 3.50 each and well I needed about 30...so I decided I could make these easily myself and I already had the copper wire.  I first tried to use the stained glass paint that you use in the oven but I didn't like the sheen...kind of dull, then I thought I could paint them with pottery paint and fire them and they would surely be water proof.  Well, in the end I just painted them with acrylics and sprayed a sealer on them.  I decided they were so cheap to make I can always remake or repaint these if they need it.
I used a black sharpie to write the herb name rather than hand painting the name on each one.  I think they are adorable!  The little pots were 1.99 for 6 at Hobby Lobby, I do not remember how much the copper wire was but I would guess about 6.99 and it took one roll and a small part of another.

This picture above is 3 of my now 7 gardens, but the reason for this picture is the little generator house.  It is right next to the shed.  I built that and it is now 4 years old and is still standing.  I never made a roof before and while this one is VERY steep...it is still a roof!  I might have to make some plans up for people.  I sure didn't want that big ole thing taking up room in my garage, I mean a girl needs all the room she can get in her workshop!