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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Massive Raised Gardens

Each time I decided I would like another raised garden I post the other "two" on Facebook to sell.  The reason is.  It only cost a couple more dollars to make three as it does to make one.  I currently have six gardens and I wanted another one, so I posted that I was making gardens again for those that missed out last time....
To my surprise I got orders for 19 raised gardens, can you believe it.  Well as soon as I took the orders and decided what the heck I'll make them no problem, low and behold some sort of virus jumped on me like flies to poop!  Sick as a dog...but I make the journey to my garage and for two days I build gardens in between blowing my nose and coughing my head off.  My husband and son so graciously helped me, neither are particularly garage pro's but nor am I so between all the words of love we got the job done! Thank you God for getting me through this!
Here's how they stack up...<S>  well that's one corner of the garage anyway.

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