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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ribbon Embroidery Boutique Project

Our monthly boutique project was a success! Load of wonderful women showed up to give support for the guilds boutique project this month.  I totally forgot my phone so I did not get pictures of everyone working on the project.  Connie at Quilt Works taught us all how to do some really cute roses using hand dyed silk ribbons.  I think I am hooked!  Look how fantastic my project turned out.  I am so pleased.  It wasn't hard at all and it's so quick to make something so pretty.  So I found some more fabric that matches the hand painted mason Jars I made.  I painted them to remind me of old times when jars were a light blue color.  You just paint the glass cook it in your oven for 40 minutes and wallah you have blue (or any color you choose) jars that the color is permanent!

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  1. Before computers were affordable, most embroidery was completed by punching designs on paper tape that then ran through an embroidery machine. One error could ruin an entire design, forcing the creator to start over..
    Thanks for sharing.....
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