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Friday, April 26, 2013

Travel Iron Bag

I went to the Newbie's class on Wednesday and I am so glad I did.  Nancy had this cute little zippered pouch it was quilted and she used it to hold her thread.  Looking at the bag I though...wow that would make an awesome shape for a hot iron bag.  I went into the quilt shop and purchase the grey hot iron fabric and the heat resistant batting and some colorful fabric and of course a zipper that matched.
The bag is made using a  rectangles of fabric (mine 12x16 ) and the grey heat resistant fabric as the inside of the bag and the heat resistant batting sandwiched between the outside rectangle and inside rectangle of fabric.  I cut all these pieces the same size. I did free motion quilting with the layers all together, i.e top fabric, batting and lining fabric.  I then added the zipper to the 12 inch side using these instruction on how to make a bag, just for the zipper insertion:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAn_lwlqmnU
instead of sewing the bag together as mentioned in this video I copied Nancy's bag and I sewed one end together one way and the other end together in the opposite direction.  Not really sure  how to explain that but here are the pictures:

I am so over the top happy with this project.  We will be making this one at a workshop for the  boutique!

and I love this little bag so much...I made one to carry my thread to workshops!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Winging it workshop given by Nova Montgomery

Another workshop YES...
Me and my friend Linda took the winging it workshop at Quilters Crossing.  Much like the peddle pushers workshop this was a fun project.  (even though my peddle pushers quilt is not even close to being complete) The dimensional quilts are so over the top.  I sure hope that I get that grand baby I have been hoping for.  He/she has so many quilts among many other things I've made...  fingers are crossed!
Here is a picture of the project that Nova brought for us to view.  I will post pictures of mine soon :).

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Cold Frame

I like to start my own plants from seed.  Here in Texas you really don't need a cold frame unless you are trying to start seeds in the winter months and even then it's probably not necessary.   But when you need a place to put all those starter pots this seems to fit the bill.  I found the plans (not very good ones but plans no matter) on the internet here:  http://gardenplansfree.com/furniture/cold-frame-building-plans/ and here:http://onestrawrob.com/?p=1769 and here: http://www.wrcla.org/pdf/coldfr.pdf and again here:  http://www.howtospecialist.com/garden/greenhouse/how-to-build-a-propagation-bench/
All these plans really leave you to your own imagination on most of the construction so this project challenged my wood working skills a tad bit.
At this point I have the project complete except for the window pane lid and the hinge that will hold the lid up in different positions (I have to figure that one out still).
I thought I'd show you my project so you can see that you too can build it.  I didn't even require any help hold things together at any point.  This is a great thing because hubby really isn't into working with wood.   I will post finished pictures soon so you can see this little beauty in action.