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Friday, April 26, 2013

Travel Iron Bag

I went to the Newbie's class on Wednesday and I am so glad I did.  Nancy had this cute little zippered pouch it was quilted and she used it to hold her thread.  Looking at the bag I though...wow that would make an awesome shape for a hot iron bag.  I went into the quilt shop and purchase the grey hot iron fabric and the heat resistant batting and some colorful fabric and of course a zipper that matched.
The bag is made using a  rectangles of fabric (mine 12x16 ) and the grey heat resistant fabric as the inside of the bag and the heat resistant batting sandwiched between the outside rectangle and inside rectangle of fabric.  I cut all these pieces the same size. I did free motion quilting with the layers all together, i.e top fabric, batting and lining fabric.  I then added the zipper to the 12 inch side using these instruction on how to make a bag, just for the zipper insertion:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAn_lwlqmnU
instead of sewing the bag together as mentioned in this video I copied Nancy's bag and I sewed one end together one way and the other end together in the opposite direction.  Not really sure  how to explain that but here are the pictures:

I am so over the top happy with this project.  We will be making this one at a workshop for the  boutique!

and I love this little bag so much...I made one to carry my thread to workshops!


  1. BRILLIANT! Thank you! I am tickle with the straightforward design and will make one for myself and some for gifts.
    ~Christina in Cleveland