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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Endings Binder Organizer

Here is my newest pattern.  It is perfect to store all your binding supplies in and have it sitting right next to you.
The one with the little girl...well I didn't use BIAS binding so I'll need to redo the binding but I did want to show you how cute this little girl is.  I've used her else where on projects and couldn't resist putting her on my Happy Endings case.

Without further adieu

Monday, January 11, 2016

UFO's and getting side tracked.

Okay, I know we all have UFO's some of us more than others <<<<<me...YIKES.
Anyway, now that it's a new year I again (like many of you, all one of you that read my blog :) )and we have some new year resolutions...  I do this every year.  Last year my new years resolutions went to the way side because my niece came to say and well she wanted to learn to quilt.  Part of learning is learning to go shopping for fabric!  One of my resolutions last year was not to purchase any fabric for the year.  Well, who can go to a quilt store and not buy fabric?  NO ONE :)
So, I've decided to re-enlist last years resolutions...
I do not have any more room for ANY more fabric.  So resolution number 1 is not to purchase any more fabric.  If I have a project and need backing etc to finish it...well it will have to be finished next year, period! ;)
So, my resolutions are,
Loss weight (LOL)
Not purchase any fabric
Have 1 new pattern for sell each month
Finish the following UFO's

Red and White block swap
Starburst Block swap
Put borders on Mr. Potato Head quilt top and get it quilted (for quilt show)
Put sleeves on 4 other quilts for quilt show.
Finish as many UFO's as possible:
Peddle Pushers
Dragon Fly
Karen's Kreations dress quilt
Batik star quilt
CT batik quilt
Craftsy 2015 BOM Kit
Beyond Horizons Quilt top
3 Quilters Bee Bags
Malgorzata Jenek-Lugowska quilt patterns I purchased.
And loads of others projects :)  will have to think more on this.

So here I am January 11th and this is what I've got done....  25 of 30 of the red and white blocks for the block swap....And one set of the starburst blocks are done so this is where I am on the second set.

And this is the problem...another distraction :)

Then I got the borders on My Family Album quilt..... now to figure out how to quilt it!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Last projects of 2015

Okay so it's now 2016 and time to think about what I'll try to accomplish in this coming year.  My goals are.... to not purchase any new fabric this year but instead to use what I have.  Now mind you this was my last years goal but I had family come stay with me and that family wanted to learn how to quilt...so.... that includes learning to shop for fabric  YIKE I have NO will power whatsoever! Can you believe that!
Anyway, there will be NO interruptions this year to my goal.  I have absolutely NO more room for even a fat quarter.  I have to use up what I have so I can purchase more...or...  we could move and pick a house with a larger craft room??? that is an idea.  :)

My next goal is to finish as many UFO's as possible so I can get new UFO's.  I'm tired of looking at the ones I have and there are so many new quilt patterns out there that I want to make.  I've made a list "to do UFO" list and give each UFO a completion date.  I hope this helps.  But before I can even begin on those I have to complete 2 block swaps and 5 quilts I'm entering in the 2016 quilt show our guild is having Feb/Mar this year.  These quilts all need the sleeve sewn on them as well as labels.  Mr. Potato Head needs borders and quilted.  I've got these all planned to be completed in January so let's hope I can get them done.

These are my last fun projects of 2015.  I'm trying to learn many digitizing techniques and one is learning to create "In The Hoop" projects.  This is my first try at digitizing a little eye glass case entirely in the hoop and completely designed by me :)

Then my final project for 2015 was to incorporate machine embroidery with handwork to create my favorite quote into something super cute.  Audrey Hepburn's I believe quote....  I got the inspiration from the first line and thought to myself...what do you think of when you hear the word pink...  I think of little girls and dresses and of course shopping.  So this little girl is peeking out from behind the dressing room curtain.  She's going to dance around in prettiest dress in the shop.  :)    The curtain was a bit hard but the rest was super easy.  

Happy New Year to you and yours.
2016 here I come!