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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clever Doggy Diaper Bands

Our little Remy is just the sweetest boy.  He doesn't even know he's disabled.  You see he was living at a local rescue and being well taken care of but never getting adopted because of his disability.  It's really a sad shame that people shy away from a special needs pet.  Really they are not much more trouble than an able bodied pet.  Remy has to wear diapers because he's incontinent.   Because he's a male dog he needs a different type of diaper to cover up where he pees <S>.  I do make doggy diaper-alls and diaper bands but sometimes the need for a throwaway option, like when you go on trips is really more sensible to have.  So I was thinking....how can I make a throwaway doggy band or even a diaper all?  I went to the store and purchased some diapers that I felt would be long enough to fit the diameter of Remy's little belly.  The size needed for Remy is 16-28 lb diapers.  Smaller will work with my solution though.  It's a great idea to get with your friends that use diapers and see if you can get one to check for size.
What I did for doggy bands is I made a elastic velcro..the male part of the velcro (with the sticky loops).  Here are some pictures of my invention.


Here are some of the diapers that I make that are re-usable.


  1. Do you make these to sell? I have a paraplegic dog and I can't find diapers that have the chest harness to it. My email address is JenniferKaos@gmail.com

    1. no but I have a pattern for a In the hoop one on Craftsy if you have an embroidery machine. :)

  2. Another vote for you to have the pattern available for the chest harness! I have a little one who I've tried to use belly bands for but they just do not work!

  3. These are great! I need something like this for a little boy I just adopted. Where is the pattern available?

  4. These are great! I have cut off the upper leg off of sweat pants and cut 2 cross like holes for the legs. Then this just slips over Batmans head and the diaper slips in it

  5. Hello. Where can I get a pattern for the diaper-all’s? I’ve been looking but have come up short. Thanks!!
    My email is jenobear@gmail.com.