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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The best Chili Con Queso Ever

I'm giving directions for using 1/2 each of the cheeses using the large boxes of the cheeses. But you can make a large batch if you have a large double boiler.

1/2 of a large box of Kraft american cheese
Velveeta cheese
1 large onion sliced into long strips
1 and 1/2 large bell peppers seeded and ribs removed and cut into thin strips.
1 fresh jalapeño seeded and ribs removed and cut into thin strips.
3 table spoons of a picante sauce.. this was not part of the recipe but I found it makes is delicious.

Purchase equal amounts of Velveeta cheese and Kraft american cheese... don't spare expense here buy these cheese the plain sort. Kraft american is in a blue box. it doesn't matter how much you use as long as it is equal amounts and if fits in the double boiler with enough room to add the veggies and whole milk.
I purchase the large ones and cut each in half for making the queso two times.
Prepare a double boiler by placing enough water in the bottom but not to touch the bottom of the pan make sure the pan is large enough for the amount of queso your making.
Cut both cheeses into 1 inch cubes and place into the double boiler, add the onions and the jalapeño and Bell pepper and SIMMER ON LOW for several hours until onions and bell pepper are very soft and making sure to stir often and add milk as necessary. NEVER let it boil or it will be grainy.
Once the peppers and onion are soft add the picante at this time. Do not let cook much longer after the picante addition as it will curdle the sauce if not careful.
If your sauce is starting to curdle add more milk to the cheese and water to the double boiler pan and turn down the heat.


  1. Never let it be said that I don't cook...but I use white process cheese (like Velveeta, usually Land O'Lakes..like the butter), grate in the processor added to approx. 1/2 that amt. of heated milk...right on the stove top in the pan...then add 'drained' pickeled jalapenos...chopped, from the jar...and it is the same as all the Mex restaurants serve in the south..you can add stuff if you like...lasts forever in the fridge..great on hamburgers..chix..

    1. I've made it this way as well and Land O'lakes is the best american cheese to use for sure, as good as your recipe is it does not compared to slowly cooking for hours till the fresh vegetables are so soft they melt in your mouth. You must try this recipe to appreciate it.