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Friday, September 30, 2016

Laser cutter for a new toy...OH MY :)

Yep, I finally did it, and she has arrived.  This massive machine will cut my heddles and I will be able to make larger ones....I'm super duper excited about this.  Now to learn how to make cut files with new software....yes I can do it.  I'm confident!  So I was thinking not only will I be able to make larger heddles on this massive machine but maybe other things too...I need to think, think and think some more.  What kind of weaving tools can I make with this monster?????
Oh, and I'm thinking of naming her ...yes...I am a bit strange sometimes but I think Kat will love her new name ;)
So now I'll need to re-organize my garage...I'll give it a good clean in the process so that's another great reason to re-organize!  I've ordered a wood storage shelf...and I'm going to get 3 more cabinets for storing paint...I'm sick of looking at it sitting on a shelf.. I prefer stuff like that hidden. :)  I'd rather see my tools...yes I am serious...I LOVE TOOLS....all kinds of tools, kitchen tools, crafting tools and power tools.  There is nothing like getting a new tool and this girl "Kat" ..well...she is the ultimate tool.

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