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Monday, September 12, 2016

So you need unique towel hooks?

You've made some awesome tea towels, you are so pleased with them you'd never think to use them.  Yes we all feel this way with some things we make. Well now I/we need a unique way to hang them, to draw attention to them so we can say, I made those tea towels on my loom and those are my special hooks to hang them.
Weird, yes, crazy most definitely but most of all the funniest conversation piece and you'll never see these again.  I made them using clay and I then fired them in my kilns and glazed and tinted then fired them again....  I no longer have kilns, I sold them trying to pair down my craft and hobby hoard.  So yes, when I say these are one of a kind I am not joking.  :)
They are ready to attach to the wall or to a plaque to hang on the wall being careful not to screw too tight and break your holes out. I would probably use hard as nails and attach them to a kewl plaque of sorts then use short nails and gently screw them in for affect....:)  For now they come just like this.  If they don't sell right away I will be putting them on something and selling for more ;)

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