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Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to marry your needle, the most important thing you can learn :)

Sounds silly doesn't it?  Well this little tip has saved me from going bald tearing my hair out because of tangles in my handwork thread.  I even use this technique on the thinnest of threads and the tiniest of needles!  This has got to be on the top of my list of "best things I've ever learned" for handwork.  I use it for embroidery, binding and yes of course on applique which I have found causes most of my stress in handwork.  Those thin little threads tangle and knot up so fast right before your eyes like magic!
Well this will eliminate 98% of those obnoxious little knots!

Step 1:  Thread your needle leaving about a 2 inch tail as you see in the image below.

Step 2:  As close as you can get to the needle on the 2 inch tail (or longer if you need) pierce the tail with the needle but do not pull it through the thread.

Step 3:  Then do this again a little further up on the tail.

Step 4: Then do this one more time (yes one more time) a little further down on the tail. :)

Step 5:  Now slide the first pierce you made down to the eye of the needle and pull on the working thread (the other end not the 2 inch tail) slightly to straighten it.

Step 6: And Finally pull the other two piercings down past the needle using your index finger and thumb and then straighten and smooth it with your fingers till you do not feel any knots. that is all there is to it.  

Oh and now enjoy doing needle turned applique or sewing your binding on or what ever hand work you have handy without the constant untangling of those nasty little knots!  

If this was useful to you.  Please share it with a friend so they too can keep their hair in tact :)


  1. Thanks for the tip. Now if I remember it is another story!

  2. Your commentary is hysterical! Thanks for this VERY useful tip! I'll try it tonight when I get home from work...

  3. Ok, I was with you until step 6, then you lost me. Do I pull those two piercings off the tip of the needle, or towards the eye? What happened to the first one?

  4. What a great tip! Thank You so much. I am gonna share.

  5. A game changer! Thank you so so much!