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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Birthday gone by...

So here it is another year gone by already.  How does it seem that the years slide by so quickly?  I didn't get near all the things I wanted to get done this past year.  I think I'll have to make a smaller list for this year since I'm either slower or time is flying by faster than ever!
This year I want to have two more programs for sale and a couple new patterns.  I want to concentrate on having downloadable sales rather than 'go out into the garage and make' sales...
I want to be a non-smoker (I'm well on my way with this one) and I want to loose a few (a lot) pounds and get a little (a lot) healthier!
I want to have more stuff for my little grand baby hope chest.  And last but not least I want to help my son purchase his first home.
So that doesn't sound to difficult, I think I just might be able to accomplish these unless of course I get slower or time goes by faster!

I'm making myself a Chocolate Mouse Cake for my birthday, I deserve this today!  I'll post a picture later once it's done and a slice has been removed to reveal the luscious center...  The recipe url is on the right >>>> and believe me...this is the cake to die for!  Here is the URL:

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