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Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Project "China Cabinet"

Do you want to see what I'm making now??? Here it is, all I have left to do is make the bottom drawer and the doors, the doors will be glass pane doors. Then I can paint it! I was thinking of robin egg blue with antiquing...what do you think?
Well, I'll post more pictures soon.  I'm off to make my Christmas cookies, I'm running out of time for the cookie exchange...and then I have more stockings to make for the guild...I am so over extended that it is just plain crazy around here!

With doors, bottom shelf support and decorative bottom skirt complete... drawer is sitting on top at the moment. Have to put slides on the drawers. Will work on some more tomorrow I hope.

Okay so here it is with the drawer in, the bottom shelf is completed. All I need to do now is sand, paint and distress then put on drawer pulls and door knobs... Yippee all most done!
I'm going to paint this in robin egg blue and distress with a dark ebony....I'll show you when it's done...so excited.

The last few days have been burrrrr cold, so painting was out of the question. Instead of painting I decided to give carving a try...well it's not perfect but I carved a Fleur-de-lis with some scrolls across the drawer. You'll see it soon because I might be able to paint this weekend. Suppose to be in the 70's a couple days....Let's hope so, I'd sure like to get this piece finished!

Can you believe it...the first layer of paint on...need to hand sand then antiqued and seal and I'll finally be done with this monster!

as hard as I try I can not capture the antiquing that I've done on this piece.  I used a dark ebony to antique it.

Can you see the carving in the picture above?  It's more apparent in person.
You can slightly see the antiquing on the sides in this image.  I'm going to get the glass and the baskets for the bottom shelf today....this piece is nearing completion... Yippee!

And Finished!


  1. So exciting, this project was bragged on at Knock-off wood..

  2. I loved this project when I first saw it on Ana White, and I still love it! Your carving looks awesome. Congratulations on a great build.

    1. Thank you Linda7. I am so excited about being featured on the Knock-off wood page. I've been in love with Ann Whites patterns for so long. I've made a few of her projects. She is why I love working with wood. Her projects are so easy. I even purchased one of her books!