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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Karen Kay Buckley and the sewing organizer.

Karen Kay Buckley did a workshop at Quilters Crossing for her Fiesta Texas Quilt.  You can see all the blocks here:  http://www.karenkaybuckley.com/weblog/?p=4618
My friend Linda Love talked me into the class and I agreed even though I felt that hand applique would be more than this girl could handle.  I was wrong, I'm not too bad at it.  So I've been working on my block when it's my TV sit down and relax time.  Here is what I have done so far on the block she demonstrated:

The class was large with many participants but we had plenty of room and the class was loads of fun.
While taking this class Karen told us about the items she sells of course and one of those items is a thread carrier....  Looking at this thread carrier I noticed it was the exact same size as our May's boutique project, the sewing organizer.  We got the pattern off the Pfaff website for free and altered it so it only had three zippered sections to save time and money on this project....  the thread bag was also altered but much less than our alteration.  She made the bag with 4 thread pockets and two larger pockets for sewing supplies.  Anyway, I loved the idea but didn't like her selection of fabric or the generic way it was put together so I decided since I already have the pattern I would just make one for myself!  And of course I did.  Now I am not the worlds best with zippers but I'm pleased with the results.  If you look closely at the picture of the thread in the pouch you will see the each spool was threaded with a needle and run threw the wool I placed along the zipper and the tail left hanging.  This is so you do not have to take the thread out of the pocket.  All you have to do is pull on the tail, cut off what you need and leave a tail for the next time you need that color...  I've seen this before and meant to make one for myself but didn't have a pattern for that one...but I do have this pattern!  You can find the pattern for the sewing organizer on the Pfaff website under free patterns.  You would not even have to alter the pattern except to add wool or some other thick material on the plastic right below the zipper to run your thread through.
Here is my thread organizer:

Here it is with all my new thread in the pockets!

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