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Friday, November 14, 2014

From an Artist to a Pattern designer!

Like you, I too have many talented friends, trust me when I say way more talent than I could dream of having.  So...... there are a couple of these friends that their drawings when I see them I see a future quilt block or mug rug or something awesome in fabric. And of course these are their works of art so I can't just turn it into something for me can I?   I look at their drawings and wish I could have come up with that!

Anyway, one of those friends KD Sams is one of the friends I just spoke about that when they create their paintings my eyes always see it in fabric.  Her drawings are quirky and I can see bright colors of candy fabric floating around in my head after viewing her art.  So finally I told her this, and to my surprise she liked that I thought her art would translate well into a quilt block.  Now mind you she's an artist, not a seamstress but I told her that if she could use the heat and bond lite she could create the block and pattern without ever having to use a sewing machine.  Then she would have her art in fabric form to take pictures of for that perfect pattern.  Well to get her excited about the process I made one of her girls into a little quilt.  Mind you I did rush it so it's not perfect but I think now she see's what I see.

I created a quilt block and the pattern for her girl "Maddie" to show her just how easy it is  (and to get her motivated to create this quilt I have in my head, hehehe).  I sent the pattern to her so she can see the process, (and improve on it I'm sure).  I hope that she posts it for sale, I think she will be surprised by the response she will get from quilters.  I'm hoping for 11 more of her quirky girls to make a quilt with.  I think she could do a block of the month and people would be anxiously waiting for the next block!

I'm going to send her this Maddie quilt block once I get the binding on it and a hanger for the back but I will be making one for me too <<<<grinning.  I think I'll use needle turned applique on the one for me because I'm not so good at the raw edge applique.  My satin stitches look like Shat.  :)

Here is KD Sams first pattern from her original art.  What do you think of her?  I'm going to put the binding on today after some weaving tool orders I have to complete.  :)
I hope she is excited as I am about her work!

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