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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some recent projects

Here are some new projects that I've been working on.  Sometimes it's nice to do little quilts or quilt projects to mix things up a bit.  So without further adieu....

Another kitty pin cushion, this was a commissioned piece.
A handful of mug rugs and pot holders for swaps

This is a trade I did with the original piece of art.  

The original

This is for a pot holder swap called "Cute as a Button"  

And here is a customer order with carrying case.  Weaving spool holder, warping stand.
And as a surprise I made this bag for it.  However I never even got a thank you or a review so probably will never be so nice again....yeah I do expect a thank you or at least a review.  just saying.  Some people just have no couth.... wish I could right a review sometimes...;)  oh well...all is good.


  1. Wow you have been super busy!!!! :)

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