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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Customer's paint their benches

I've been thinking of redesigning my bench for what seems like years.  My old bench was designed after I found that weaving benches were extremely expensive to purchase.  Wow I sure could not afford $400 for a bench to sit and weave!  On the other hand weaving in a chair was not the best solution.  Since I already started to make some other weaving tools for the same reason (the cost) I decided to design and make myself a bench.  Well having a bench was great but I found that my design was just to much of a pain to adjust the height so I rarely did.  Well like I was telling you, I've been thinking about resigning my bench to make adjusting the seat quicker.  I looked at several benches and took the best of each one for my new design.  Here it is.  :)  I am so happy with this one.  I started selling this a few months ago on my Etsy Handywoman store.
I'm offering a large and a small version of this new design.

I've sold this bench a few times already so I finally ordered templates so I could easily make the hole and round the tops so that they will all be exactly the same.  I found a company that laser cuts acrylic sheets.  :) The expense was well worth it.
A couple ladies painted their new benches and sent me pictures.  I love seeing pictures of what people do with my weaving tools.  

This one was before I decided to round the tops of my benches.

And this customer rounded the tops for herself....and is the reason I now round the tops of my benches.  Best customer EVER!

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