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Sunday, March 27, 2016

New stuff for my shops

There are lots of new things going on at the moment and lots of new products.  I'm super excited to be selling a variety of handwork tools besides my weaving tools!  Here is a preview of some of the new items in my Handywoman Etsy and Craftsy shops.

I have one new pattern.  It's a redo of the Quilters Bee Bag but with NO Zippers...yes I said it!  Lot's of people ask for it so here it is.

A few new embroidery files

Oh and a few handwork tools!!!! My favorite

And the sweetest little music box!!!!


  1. Bloglovin is failing me. It didn't list your post and I got on my blog roll. Grrr. You're making all the scissor holders and chain etc... Too cute Like I said you are too talented. Looks like you're keeping busy.

    1. The spool scissor holder yes, the pewter sewing tools and chains...no silly...although I'd love to learn pewter work...that's another hobby...lol not sure I need anymore hobbies, my mind spins 100 to 1 already. :)

  2. Oh and that is an adorable music box