Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mini Box Tape Looms

I'm so excited to have finally finished 4 mini Handywoman Box Tape Looms.  I've been wanting to get these made before Christmas.  They are so stinking cute, I think these would make an awesome Christmas gift for your favorite weaver.
I also teamed up with a new Illustrator, Angela Porter.  She illustrates adult coloring books as well as other adventures.  I am happy to have found her.  I have placed her designs on one of my standard size Box looms and of course it sold right away so I'll be busy making that one again soon.  :)
And now I'll get with showing you images of my little Mini Looms and Angela Porters Dragonfly's.

So first I'll show you the standard Box loom with Angela's Illustrations.

This picture is to show you the size difference.

Birds and tumble weeds

Sassy Cheryl Snowmen designs perfect for Christmas

These designs I purchased from Color Box.  I do not know who the artist is.