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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The mean personality type

You know there are so many different personality types…it’s really amazing and mostly a wonderful thing.  We are all who we are, and changing our core differences is near impossible.  I often think we are born with these differences; maybe some are inherited but for the most part I believe these differences come from a higher power…the one I like to call God.

Today for whatever reason, I felt the need to write this down; maybe I feel it will help me get through what I’m feeling at this moment.  Possibly it’s the high dosage of a nerve pain reliever I take daily…and yes just like it says the possible side effects are it does cause depression for me on some days.   It is an overwhelming depression and feels like a heavy cloud pushing me down.  Anyway that’s not what this post is about.

I, my personality type is, well probably not a common one or at least I’ve always felt like people think I’m on my own planet and really I’m okay with that.  My head swims with ideas, so much so that I could never accomplish all that I want in one life time (I think I’ll have to come back to complete all of the tasks in my head) I’m also very organized, and can’t stand disorganization,  I actually cannot even think around a mess.  However my mind is disorganized if that makes any sense at all.  I’m also very companionate, overly so.  I cry when I see injustice and often want to right a wrong.  I will give my last dime away to someone who needs it; I always say that I’ll never be rich even if I won the lottery because I’d just give it all away. (Thank God I have a husband that keeps me in check) I’ve always been drawn to people and animals that need a friend.

After having said all of that, because that is also my personality type, (“over talking, overthinking, and lecturing”) sorry.  I am upset today.  I’m upset at another personality type that can’t let people be “nice people” that they always have to think that nice people have an ulterior motive; that no one is “that nice”.  That nice people are trying to outdo someone else that they are trying to make someone else look bad, etc…. I think they feel this way because they don’t want to be nice, they are “ME” people and never wake up thinking “what can I do today to make someone smile”.  This personality type complains and drains the life out of ever happy moment; they feel out done by the slightest acts of kindness.   I don’t wonder why there are so many frowns on people’s faces at work, at the grocery store, at public events… I don’t wonder why some people do not come to the rescue of someone in need; I don’t wonder why people are afraid to be “nice”.  I know it’s because of this personality type I’ve described.  They try to ruin every happy moment.

If you want to take the time to visit with someone that could use the company; bring gifts of food and trinkets, and just be kind to someone then that should be okay right?  But no, it’s not okay because this personality type will say….  She’s trying to make the rest of us look bad, or she’s not bringing enough, or she only brings to people she likes, on and on and on…  So there sit’s the reason I don’t wonder why more people aren’t kind or bother  going to retirement homes and visiting the residents, or going to an animal rescue and bringing much needed supplies like old towels and such, or joining groups that dedicate their time to making items for war Vets, or cancer patients….  People don’t want to get involved because this personality type is always hanging around trying to turn it into some sort of Soap Opera Drama. 
The way this economy is we need to ignore this personality type, do the right thing, help people and animals in need, and ignore the greedy!  Help your neighbors, and do your best to right a wrong.
To this personality type I say to you:  Nice people ARE NOT OUT TO GET YOU!

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