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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer Lap Blanket for Ms. Ramona

At the retirement center there are so many wonderful people there.  I wish I had more time to spend with each one.  Every now and again one of the lovely people there ask for something special...I feel so blessed that they feel comfortable with me to make these sorts of requests.  I absolutely love making someone's day.  A wonderful lady that resides at the retirement center, Ramona said she once had a thin blanket that was just made up of a top fabric and a backing fabric with no quilt batting.  She said she gave it away because she thought she had another one.  When she found out that she didn't she wished she still had the one she gave away.  I told her I'd sure make her one like this as it is easy peasy to make.  She said her favorite color was blue.
Then a couple weeks ago a good friend of mines mother sent over some material to make these lap blankets as well as receiving blankets, and to my surprise a lovely blue fabric was in this stash.  I will certainly replace it but I decided this was perfect for Ms. Ramona and so here is my finished project.  Mind you she never mentioned liking flowers so I'm a tad bit worried, but I can't seem to do anything without adding a little bit of "Janet" all over it...lol

so here it is...

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