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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Light Box Raffle for the 2014 Quilt Show Boutique

So we decided to do a raffle to raise some money for the 2014 Quilt Show Boutique.  We are hoping to raise 200.00 to go toward supplies for the boutique projects that we have been busy making in our workshops.  We have been working on "Sewing Room" themed items and we hope we will have good luck selling all things sewing room related.  We do have a couple things that are not sewing room, the ladies had to twist my arm to get me to agree though :) .

So I searched high and low at all the hardware store that I knew about for the opaque plastic for the top of the light box and well I ended up having to custom order it on line.  Then I purchased a florescent light fixture that didn't include the cord (for crying out loud) so I had to wire the darn thing.  This ended up being okay because the cord needed to run through the box anyway.

I had fun making this and I'm at this very second putting the clear finish on it.  2 more coats to go before I can post a picture with the white opaque plastic in place.  But for now here is the box....it is complete...I hope we get some interest so we can raise some cash!  This thing is a dream for anyone that needs to trace.  It is a full 21x27 1/2 inches....I WANT ONE!

Raffle tickets are $1.00 if anyone is interested.  We will have a couple places in the greater Houston area where tickets can be purchased.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll tell you where you can get some raffle tickets for this beauty!

Update:  No raffle for the Guild :(....  We didn't bother asking about doing a raffle, we never even thought about asking....and well, the guild is only allowed 2 raffles a year because of their tax status.  They don't want to waste one of them for this and I don't blame them.  But the great news is Quilt Works is going to either sell it for us or have their own raffle for us.  Can you believe it?  Wow the ladies at Quilt Works are so awesome.  We sure couldn't be so productive without them!  THANK YOU Quilt Works !!!

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