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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is it wasting time or is it fun?

I don't know about you but I seem to collect software that lets me be creative.  I also enjoy making my own software!  I do have a few programs that I sell.  Anyway, I have software to assist in:  Stained Glass, Cross Stitch, Quilting, Paper piecing, machine embroidery designing, and the list goes on and on and on....
I seem to spend more time designing than actually creating....so am I wasting my time?  Should I make a pack with myself to create everything I design, one design at a time?  I bet you understand.  I have made things I've designed and I have designed things I hope to make, so maybe it's okay and maybe it's just part of the process.
I'm going to show off the Ruler Bag again (It's one of the boutique workshops we did) so I can show you that I did use one of my many programs to create something and then actually used it to enhance something.
I digitized the 2014 Quilt Show logo using Embird.  I love that program, paid a fraction of the price that the quilt stores charge for their over priced digitizing software.  I purchased it a few years back and the day I loaded it on my machine I digitized a design for a tea towel.  To me, well that's an accomplishment considering all the nightmares I heard about that "over priced" program!  If you want to digitize designs, I suggest looking at Embird, is is awesome and easy (most important)!
Anyway here is the bag I made and placed my newly digitized quilt show logo on! I also got a little fancy and made prairie points using a technique from a book I purchased a while back.  "Lined Prairie Points"


  1. You gonna have to show me how digitizing works. I have an embroidery software and for the life of me I can't remember what it is but at one time it had a trial of Embird with it that has since expired. But maybe you can teach me a new trick if you come to the retreat. mmmm

    1. I use Embird...it is really easy. Now I don't know how to use it to the fullest of it's capabilities but I can do a pretty good job. If I wasn't so ADHD I'd probably be better at it but my mind can not focus on just one thing at a time...lol so I am not an expert and ANYTHING! lol