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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lesson Learned....

Lesson Learned....

I was beginning to think that my machine just did not want to make this quilt.

I sit down everyday and do some part of this quilt (for the life of me I can't remember why I just had to make this difficult quilt) and everyday my machine just doesn't want to sew over more than two pieces of fabric. So everyday I've been cleaning it, dusting it, and yes even polishing it... all the maintenance that hence far I've neglected to do for this machine and it had never complained before. Then I continue to sew and find to no avail that it's still not liking thick seams. I get the manual out, I make a few adjustments etc... nothing seemed to work but I'd plug along taking it slow each day and getting through what it was I wanted to accomplish on this quilt (that I know hate).

Today after following the same ritual I've been following...cleaning, adjusting etc. I decide it's time to just take it in for repair and use of of my many other machines (not sure why it took me so long to make this decision but it did). So I'm taking the table off and dusting the machine and then I see it.... yes right there all the time. A clutter of thread spools that I've used for some other project sitting right next to my machine because I'm too lazy to put them in their place. So I begin picking up the spools of thread and actually putting them away when I get to the last spool of thread and notice it's lodged up against the feed dog button....yep that was the cause of my endless days of hating this quilt. My feed dogs were half up and half down all because I'm too lazy to put thing where they belong.

Lesson learned...clean up after each project and don't let all the bits and pieces collect around your machine!

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