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Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Applique / Artist Tote

I'm going on retreat soon and on this retreat I'm bringing only hand work.  I don't think I'll even tote a machine with me this time.  I might even bring some knitting.  I have several patterns to choose from to finish/start and even design.  :)  So I needed an applique project tote.  Something that had an ironing board in it and something large enough for a cutting mat as well as a place to hold my blocks nicely so they don't get wrinkled up.  :)  Then I decided to add a thread holder to hold all the threads I'll need for my projects and of course I added a couple pockets!
So this is my prototype... this one is mine.  I will be making a pattern soon but after making this I decided I'd make one smaller for the pattern.  Not everyone thinks bigger is better and I think more people would like one that is more manageable.
So here are some pictures of my applique tote.  Enjoy

1 comment:

  1. I think I'm in another world. I was reading along and looking at the tote and saw your name embroidered and thought yeah I know her. LOL then I realized I was reading Your blog. Duh.
    That's a cute tote. You do such amazing things. Sure you don't want to join us on retreat. I still have room. ;o)