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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Bench of a different color

Or different wood.  ..... :)
So, I've been making adjustable weaving benches for years...about 20 now I guess... and I always make them from pine so I can offer them much cheaper for people who couldn't otherwise afford a nice adjustable bench.  Weaving shouldn't be only for the rich, and I think if budding new wanna be weaver not making a 3 figure salary wants to weave then ....why shouldn't they also be able to afford to weave and have some of the tools that make it more of a pleasure. That has been my mission all these years... and this year I've decided to expand what I offer as you might have noticed (if your following) from some of my previous posts.

Any-who back to the story (us older people sometimes get off track ;) )

I got a bug in my back end this past weekend and made a Large Oak adjustable weaving bench and a small Poplar adjustable weaving bench with a spool holder.  Yes they are beautiful and I'm still offering them rather reasonable compared to larger companies ( I'm a one woman show) and I wanted to post them for you all to see.  There is also a pine one here in the mix, it is a customers order.

Soon  very soon, I will be offering a Lazy Kate as a pocket topper (like the spool holder) that is super exciting to me.  :)  I've had many spinners tell me they love my bench for sitting and spinning fiber so that's the reason I'll be offering this option....oh and on that note  there are some Lazy Susan's on the horizon too!!!!!
Oh okay I'll stop blabbing and post the darn pictures...  Have a great day all one of you :)

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