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Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Sweet Princess

***My sweet princess, now endlessly lying in her hospital bed, never to leave it again......She lies there now so peaceful unlike the discontent of a month ago.
Even with her worry and pain she still wakes with concern of her hair and lipstick. Each morning brings her closer to the end but she is always the ever princess, so gentle and kind. You should see how she holds her napkin so sweetly as to catch any morsel of food that might have fallen; how she will thank you for the smallest of deeds. Her era was definitely a time when manners were of the utmost importance.. how wonderful that must have been.
As I sit with her and see her fade, I am so charmed by her daily presences and strength. Though she still enjoys her meals, she is but a mere resemblance of her former self at 70 pounds. I view each picture in the room of her precious memories of days gone by; all the happiness and people she loves and spent her life with. To see her now all alone in her hospital bed with just me, a stranger, her mind spinning with no direction to guide it from coming to it's own conclusions as wrong as they might be....
As I sit, I take my time with my princess, I treat her as I believe her loved ones have always treated her, I treat her like a precious family member with all the love and care I can give. She is precious and I will always think of her forever more….

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