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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reconnecting some more!

I'm so stoked today....I've reconnect with two nieces and am over the moon. My Niece Michelle helped me to make that happen. So now I'm connected to Donna too....OMG it is so awesome!
Donna, is just back from Afghanistan and is now in Hawaii visiting Michelle with her husband Phil. It's nice to know they keep in touch with each other.....I hope we can arrange all getting together soon. I wish I knew how Gregy is doing....I miss that kid. He has one of those smiles that will melt your heart. Maybe he'll get on FB or something soon.
Michelle and Donna are frigging amazing....I'll not even go into details but they have over come things that most people couldn't begin to over come. They've turned out to be better people than some of the people I know that have had ideal lives. I am so very proud and amazed by them.

Why oh why does Hawaii have to be so so far.........:0((

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