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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Heritage is important.

Sometimes I wonder what things were like for my ancestors.  I read about the American Indians, I watch documentaries but really these only give the bits and pieces.  I know my tribe was a peaceful people, and I know they did some extraordinary things with what they had.  They were spiritual people and made the most of the land.  Because I wanted to bring some of my heritage into my life I've learned how to hand build pottery and also how to weave.  I love both of these crafts and when I sit down to do either one I imagine what it might have been like for my ancestors.  What I mean is...the weavers and pottery makers were important to the tribe, thought highly of.  Today artisans aren't really held in such high regard even though if we didn't exist this world would be so boring...<S>.  Because my core being is artistic and I couldn't live without having this creative outlook I often ponder how it would be to be important because of  this gift from God.   
About 12 years or so I decided to be a part of keeping the art of weaving alive.  I decided to make and offer some weaving tools at very reasonable prices to help with the start up cost of this beautiful art.  I think I have managed to help 100's of people begin their journey with weaving.  I go by the name Handywoman in my shops, I have a shop on Etsy and Ecrater I also have my own website and a few other less busy sites.  But I also love to weave!  I don't get the time to weave often but I love making scarves and dish towels. Once I have that loom warped you'll find me sitting in front of that loom till the warp runs out!   For Christmas I looked up the tartan pattern for my husband's family name and designed scarves using this pattern.  I made a scarf for his mom and dad and his brother and sister In-law. Not much more trouble to make four as it is to make one, I just warp the loom with enough warp to cover it all.  Here they are on the loom and also some of the weaving tools I make.  Hope you enjoy seeing my creations.

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