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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From useless to useful

I love a good find and I am always on the lookout for ways to store my ever growing fabric stash.  I call myself the organized hoarder.  As long as I am able to organize this growing beast then I'll not end up on the TV show Hoarders!  Pray for me I need it.  :)
I got a bug in my bonnet on Monday and decided to move my office into the room my craft room was in (wall to wall and not inspiring at all) and my craft room into where my office was (the game room)  We never used the game room, I would go up there to do some work on my PC but other than that, we did nothing else in that room and it is so much bigger than the room I dedicated to creativity.  I felt so claustrophobic in that room!  As I said before I am a organized hoarder and I was running out of room to organize all the "good" stuff.  I'm all moved in to the game room...I was hoping I'd have tons more room but the game room is now packed full.  I can however open my cutting table all the way up, I can have my huge ironing board up all the time and I have a table I can sit at and put things together so all is good in the world of my imagination!
So I find this dresser, it was a DIY project gone seriously bad.  I think the woman used it as a practice piece with the intention of someday restoring furniture to sell.  She has a long way to go...
Well I didn't take a before picture and I asked the woman if she'd send me the picture she had posted but so far she hasn't.  If she does I will post it.  The dresser I believe had two doors on the top at one time and someone took them off which didn't bother me cause I thought the dresser had great bones and could imagine some of my fabric hanging out of it.  It was painted a weird color of blue and it was sponged or something, really can't explain it other than it was in my opinion the ugliest paint job I had ever seen.  Because she did not sand the piece before she did her paint technique I was able to sand all the blue off for the most part.  I was so pleased and so covered with blue dust....
Here is the finished piece along with some photos of my new craft room (remember, I am a hoarder so please don't judge me).

I hand painted "Fabric Stash" on the top drawer....time consuming but oh so worth it!
I also had to do something with the insides of the drawers, they were so sticky and I couldn't get the sticky off.  So I decoupaged the insides.  I used wrapping paper, and yes I got wrinkles!  Oh well it's not too bad and still is better than sticky.

Here is a picture of my baby...I love this machine!


  1. We'll have to compare one day to see who is a bigger hoarder. LOL
    I like the new cabinet and the room.
    Craft and sew away

  2. Thanks! All of us hoarding crafter's keep people in jobs! We're helping the economy...:)