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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rushed June Wedding....

Oh, about a month ago or so my niece tells me her wonderful news, she's getting married.  She's a military gal; I am so proud of her!  Well she is being deployed in October :( ,so she wants to get married before her deployment!.  June 15th!  She's done a great job preparing for her wedding.  She will be getting married in Trinity Texas.  We own a home there, it's a golf course gated community on the lake.  They have a chapel and pavilion as well as some other nice amenities.  She lives in North Carolina, (she hates it there, very liberal  state.)  So here we are planning a wedding long distance.  It's going to be a small, mostly a family event but we are going big Texas style with the reception...a pig roast is in order!  She loves Texas and considers it home...a good ole Texas BBQ is definitely a Texas thing.
She's decided on a carrot cake for her wedding cake so I'll bake up the layers in the next couple days and freeze them.  We (including the groom) will be decorating it...she loves bows so we will be having fun with that.  I'll post a picture of our hard work once it's completed.   Even her wedding ring is a bow.  She has  managed to find so many bow accessories, it is amazing.
It's a bit of a mad rush now but we are managing very well.  I think we will pull this off beautifully, even though we've not had much time.
Here is my project.  Rose rice throwers...a bit time consuming to make and I'm not at all great at floral arranging but she loves it...so I'm over the top.
Rose Rice Throwers Basket:


  1. The rose rice bags look great and so does the arrangement. I'll have to keep reading so I can see the cake and all you're other crafty projects. Good job Aunt Janet. ;o)

  2. Oh the cake...Oh dear...had to frost it several times...it was so hot that day that on the trip to Trinity the frosting fell off and Dad's how was so hot it wouldn't stay on...the cake weighed a ton...as carrot cake is VERY dense...never do a carrot cake in the summer. Thanks for reminding me to post a picture.