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Thursday, August 1, 2013

So many flies it's brutal!

Sitting out on the porch and watching the birds and squirrels and ducks, well that's just how we hang!  The unfortunate thing is the flies like to dive bomb us while we are trying to just relax and watch the world go by while sipping coffee or sweet tea.  The flies are so bad that when I open the door to go into or out of the house they zoom past me and into the house so they can bother me more.  They have even laid eggs in my coffee machine...OH THAT WAS SO GROSS!  thank God I clean the insides daily.  Anyway so a while back someone told me to hang a ziplock baggy full of water from a hook out on the porch.  I thought, how stupid does that sound and how could that possible even do a darn thing?  I mean really, I'm going to look like a total idiot with bags of water hanging from hooks on my porch.  People will think I'm trying to ward off aliens or something crazy like that....
Well about a month ago the flies were so brutal I though what the heck I'll give it a try, if it doesn't work I'll just take the bag down and no one would be the wiser of my foolish plans.  Guess what....this stupid trick works, I mean really really works.  I haven't seen a single fly since I hung that bag.  We've had many discussions on how this thing could possible work but have not come up with the answer.  I'd sure like to know the scientific answer to this!
So if you have flies on your porch and can't enjoy the day because of them...hang a ziplock baggy full of water up and your problem will be solved.

Here are some neat pictures of woodpeckers:

and some flowers:

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