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Monday, January 27, 2014

Jason's Quilt finally complete

So after about 6 months or so Jason't quilt is finally back from Sweet Magnolia's....  Jason picked the fabric completely by his self and I'm Jealous he seemed to pick out fabric with such ease...never quilted a day in his life, never picked out fabric a day in his life and he just DOES it...good grief...wish I had it that easy!
Anyway, I took this one to Sweet Magnolia Fabric Shoppe for quilting...and I knew she didn't do quilt show quality but more beginner quality work....You do get what you pay for.  I got the run around a bit with this one, wow I was actually starting to get angry.  Not because it took so long but because of the stories I was told and expected to believe...okay Barbara is a very nice woman...and she means very well, and I hate to sound mean.. but wow!  But on the flip side, you will not get a quilt quilted as cheaply as she does it...so if you don't mind waiting for a long time and if you don't mind your quilt not being perfect then she is still a viable source for quilting.
So I get it back...and the back side of the quilt has bird nest on one entire row....and a couple wrinkles quilted into it...okay so I knew it wouldn't be perfect so....okay but because she had it so long it smelt like her shop...a very moldy musty smell.  So I after struggling to get the binding and label on while inhaling this stench...I finally put it into the drier with some of those drier sheets...didn't work, I sprayed it with free breeze..didn't work so I just told Jason that the smell will eventually fade...  I think she should get one of those Scentsy burners or something cause the smell is nauseating to say the least.
Anyway enough of that...here is Jason's quilt.  Graham hates the green in it...but I don't.  It has all the colors of the rainbow in it but in civil war tones.  Blues, greens, purples, yellow's oranges, and black, grey and white too.  I do not like civil war fabrics, never purchase them but I love the way his quilt turned out so I might rethink my stash and add some civil war stuff too!

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