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Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Rigid Heddle Loom for my shop

I've been trying to find time to make a loom that would take other manufacturers heddles because of many requests.  My customers seem to like the artistic look of my hand made looms with the hand made ratchet and pawls.  I like them too.  But I am not able to make every single size heddle that people request.  Making heddles is a difficult business for sure!  So finally here it is.  This 16" loom can come with an ashford heddle or of course a handmade heddle.  You can also choose wood ratchet and pawls or now you can get plastic ones.  both are made by me :)
Anyway here is the new 16" version of my loom.  This one shown with plastic ratchet and pawls. :)  So darn cute!


  1. For some reason your blogs are showing up on my bloglovin feeds. Grrrr. How do they expect me to keep up with you. LOL

  2. that was suppose to say Not showing up. LOL I'm so impressed with your building of this weaving stuff. You are good.

  3. Do you sell just the Ratchet and Pawl parts?