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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Quilt giveaway project

Do you remember a post I did a few months ago.  I showed you one row of the quilt the chairs of the boutique and a couple helpers were making.  Well everyone got theirs rows in and I got the top all sewn together so I can show you just how adorable it is.  You can enter to win this quilt just by making a purchase at the quilt show boutique.
I don't know if any of you have ever assembled a quilt that several people helped to sew the blocks but I must tell you it is not as easy as you would think.  And actually it would be much easier for one person to make the quilt.  The reason....well somehow the people who design and manufacture sewing machines (my guess is they are men) can't seem to figure out the quarter inch.  I mean really isn't a quarter inch the same always or does it fluctuate or something....<laughing>  well because of this "fluctuation" everyone's blocks, rows and finished quilts will all be varied in size.  So putting a quilt together where many people have so graciously helped you can be a challenge.  I knew this before I decided to get together and make a quilt for the quilt show...but you know what, it makes it special and well, it still turned out beautiful and because we all made it we can ALL be proud of it.  I sure hope people are inspired to visit the boutique for a chance to win this beauty.  Guild quilt shows support many wonderful charities so please plan to attend any in your area.  The ladies of the guilds work hard all year to help those in need.
Anyway here is our quilt top, and it was fun to make. Now we need to find someone that will donate time to do a beautiful job quilting it.

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