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Monday, October 7, 2013

Quilt Works Kindness is amazing!

As I've told you before I'm part of a wonderful quilt guild full of great people that love the art of quilting and this year I've been chair of the quilt show boutique along with Mary.  We are in charge of making sure the boutique has lots of great stuff for people who visit the quilt show will want or can't resist purchasing.  We have a workshop each month (at Quilt Works, they donate their workshop for us to use)where members of the guild attend and help us make the items we've decided to sell at the quilt show.  As you can imagine it is expensive to make items to sell and the guild covers the cost of this.  However we wanted to earn some money to help save the guild a few dollars on our supplies.  We decided on light boxes.  We had planned to raffle them off then later found that this wasn't an option because of the guilds tax status.  So.... when Quilt Works in Cypress found out our predicament they offered to sell the light box for us in their shop...isn't that awesome!  The first one sold then a lady came into Quilt Works and said she wanted to purchase that light box!  So they asked me if I wanted to make another...and of course I did!  Quilt Works is one of my favorite quilt shops (actually my favorite) because of their large variety of fabrics and notions and their huge work room. .....and they are so awesome.  For them to take time out of their busy days to answer questions about the light box sitting on the counter and then to sell another one is over the top.  Not too many business would want to be bothered, and this light box isn't any small item either.  It took up lots of room on their counter, it's 27x20 inches.  If you are ever in Cypress Texas and want to visit a quilt shop that has everything in fabric that you'd want and that has these kind of generous people that go out of their way to help people, I promise you will not be disappointed!  They have hearts of gold.


  1. You made the light box? Impressive and I'm not surprised at all by your craftiness.
    Nice very nice