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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bird House for Quilt Show raffle

I was racking my brain about what the boutique could donate towards the Tri-County Quilt Show raffle. I considered making another light box but they are pretty expensive to make so....I was wandering about some garden shops, I love all the great things you can find for your garden at these specialty garden centers.  I was looking at the bird houses, I love bird houses.  I've made a few very primitive ones and have been meaning to make something more special.  I even looked for patterns but there are none to be found except for very simple ones that really no one needs a pattern for.  Anyway as I was looking at these bird houses I noticed the price tag on them..WOW is all I can say.  This one here was $295.00, of course my mouth fell open when I seen the tag.  I loved it but didn't love the price tag since there wasn't more than $30.00 invested in it at most.

After spending the day visiting my favorite garden centers and looking at all the awesome bird houses I decided that a bird house might be a good auction item.  Since they are so expensive to purchase surely we could get people to by tickets to try to win one of these beauty's.
So here is a picture of my bird house creation, When the glue is completely dry I'll try to remember to put up better photos.  This is a fairly large bird house, it cost me about $70.00 to make because of all the doll house items and gingerbread and shingles.  I had lots of scrap wood so I didn't have to purchase any wood.  I added close up's of the window on the front.  If you look inside you will see a quilt shop.  That is my favorite feature of this bird house.  I painted barn quilts on the front and back and named the quilt shop "Ole Bird Quilt Shop". I am happy about how she turned out and I hope someone will love her!  I may have to make one for myself!
Glue isn't all the way dry on the little group of spools.  I'm holding them up with a drill bit..:)


  1. This is freakin AWESOME!!
    I want one! I know I know you'll show me how. ;o)

    1. Yes Yes Yes I will...:) Anytime, we can build it...and you can take home and decorate it. :)