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Monday, October 7, 2013

Yard Long Beans OH YEAH

We love to garden and we garden all year round.  We are starting to really get the hang of it and we no longer plant just to watch stuff grow!  We now only plant vegetables we love and we love our new found vegetable "Yard Long Beans".  A lovely woman who purchase a couple of my counter height gardens brought me a little baggy of pods full of seeds for these beauties.  I didn't plant them the first year, I just added them to my ever growing seed collection.  Well this year actually only about a month ago I finally started 3 plants from these seeds.  They came up in about 2 days and after about 1 week I planted them into my bean garden.  Well in a very short time we had beans!  When I say beans I mean BEANS.  These things actually grow a yard long or longer and they taste like a cross between green beans and asparagus if you can imagine.
Well, we absolutely love these beans and can't believe I've lived this entire time and never have had these tasty little beauties.  So being that we love them so much, 3 plants will never do so...I set off to build another bean garden.  Bean gardens can't really be counter height, they need to be on the ground because they are climbers.  My new bean garden is complete except ten 40 pound bags of soil wasn't enough, I need at least two more.  Here are pictures of my yard long beans and my new bean garden.  Hope you like it, if you want to know how to build it...just ask and I'll give you instructions.

Those above grew this long in a day...no joke.  By the time I picked these they were more than a yard long and thicker.

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  1. I don't think I've ever heard of yard long beans. Those are crazy. I'm not so sure about a green bean/asparagus cross in taste but I'll take your work for it that they taste good