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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Table runner in redwork

I did a post a while back showing some red work and some cross stitched items I've made.  Of course cross stitch is very very very did I say very time consuming but it has hit the scene again.  Red work on the other hand is a very fast satisfying art.  The red work on this piece is about 16x20 and took me 4 - 2 hour evenings in front of the TV.  I was thinking of doing a crochet edge and making it into a sort of doily but then I remembered the 10 minute table runner Carla Kennedy made at the retreat and decided to give it a go!  I am happy with it.  I am sending this to Donna so she can see how red work looks in all one color.  I choose a color that is close to her heart or at least I believe to be since her entire house is made up of this blue teal color.  Anyway another project completed....what to do next???


  1. Okay now to add to your list of talents... redwork and crochet...! This is really pretty.
    I find it funny they call it red work no matter what color it really is.

  2. I know...I love this color but my niece, well her entire house is decorated using this color. She could be an interior designer. I love the pictures she sends me when she decorates a room. She even has a Kitchen Aid in this color.