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Saturday, November 23, 2013

This is hilarious!

If you remember, my son adopted a little Min Pin named Artemis.  Well of course he is spoiled rotten.  I get to dog sit often and have fallen in love with this crazy little dog.  He loves to wear cloths, he is the nosiest little bugger I've ever met and he is absolutely hilarious!  My son sent me these pictures and I nearly peed myself laughing so hard!  Here is Artie in all his glory...
Can you believe they caught a picture of him in his P.J.'s yawning????
WT HECK ????

Sleeping with his tongue hanging out????

So adorable!
He makes the weirdest faces...what is he thinking here?


  1. OMG that is to funny! Doesn't he slip and slide ? Can't believe he's okay wearing that.
    He is a cutie

    1. Yeah, I asked him that too. He said "duh" Mom, it's his PJ's....not his walking cloths...lol