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Monday, September 15, 2014

Another bird house

I enjoyed making the little quilt shop bird house again and still had the bug to make another one.  I used my biscuit joiner and glued up the front and back some time ago and those glued up boards have been calling my name ever since.  So finally I dug them out of my wood pile and began the process of figuring out how to make a rounded roof bird house.  I had this picture in my head since I glued up those boards!  I didn't feel like driving to the home improvement store to get more wood to make this little birdy house so I used my biscuit joiner and glued up some more wood.  Now mind you I don't have a planer and my joiner is still in the box two years later.  Crazy I know.  My garage at the moment is a big mess.  I even have a roll of garage floor covering taking up one entire side of the garage waiting for me to get it installed.  I'm a procrastinator!!!
Anyway here are some pictures of the rounded top bird house so far.  On the back side I've decided to use my carving tool and carve out faux details.  I'm hoping to have time for that today.
** Update, here is the finished bird house.  This one was so much fun to make.

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